Starting your fitness journey can seem all a bit daunting … in fact, I’ve been there once or twice myself.

The good news is it doesn’t have to be overwhelming: here are some of my top tips to help kickstart (or restart) your fitness journey!

  1. Commit to yourself & set realistic goals

Beginning your fitness journey starts with making a commitment to yourself. If you are not 100% committed to yourself, you won’t reach your goals. Strive for success to reach your fitness goals. At the end of the day, you should be your own biggest cheerleader!

Committing to yourself involves setting goals, both small, short-term goals and long-term goals. It is important to think realistically and not be too hard on yourself. I recommend setting 2-3 small, short term goals that help you to accomplish your long-term goals. Your goal performance will be at its peak when you are committed and, even more so, help you attain those more challenging targets.

  1. Find yourself a workout buddy

If you find yourself needing a little extra push to stick to your workout routine, why not get yourself a workout buddy! Grab a friend, partner, neighbour or even someone you have met along your fitness journey. There are so many fantastic benefits to exercising with a mate!

  • You’ll be less likely to get bored and quit.
  • You’ll be even more committed to your goals.
  • You’ll be pushing yourself to work harder.
  • You’ll have more fun! 
  1. Something is always better than nothing

As I mentioned before, don’t be too hard on yourself, you’re not a failure if you skip a gym class. You may have days when you’re just not feeling up to it, and that’s okay; you’re only human. On days like these, you can still get your body moving by going for a 30-minute brisk walk (I recommended walking to get your morning coffee) or a leisure bike ride with a friend. Low-intensity sessions like these help your muscles to recover while still getting your heart pumping! 

  1. Hire a personal trainer

There are many reasons why hiring a personal trainer can benefit you along your fitness journey! And if you always thought you had to go to a gym to train with one, think again. Today there are mobile personal trainers, willing to come to your home or meet you in a park, a great way to incorporate fitness into your busy days. If you find the right one, it’ll feel like you’re working out with a buddy!

There are some great advantages to working with a personal trainer:

  • Knowledge is power - they can educate you on all aspects of health, fitness, and exercise.
  • They can help you set short-term and long-term realistic goals.
  • They keep you accountable to your fitness routine.
  • They cater to your personal requirements.
  • They help you perfect your form to maximise results.
  1. Consistency is key

There’s no denying that consistency is the most critical component when working to achieve your goals. Without consistency your workouts may be all over the shop, and your body may possibly have a harder time adapting. 

  1. Trust the Process

As the old saying goes… Rome wasn’t built in a day! There are no shortcuts in fitness; it takes hard work, dedication, and most importantly, patience.

Just take one step at a time. Remember that fitness is a journey, not a destination. Trust the process – there might be some hiccups or bumps along the road, but simply trusting all your efforts will get you to your end goal.

So what are you waiting for? Your fitness journey starts now!

Author's Bio: 

Janet Camilleri loves writing for the web. In addition to her work in content marketing, she has a couple of blogs – like her latest, – just for fun. No matter what she writes, or who she is writing for, Janet aims to amuse, inspire or inform - and sometimes, all three!