At past weekend I had great experience at how to fill yourself for several hours with positive energy and thoughts (I called that “emotional pumping”).
At Saturday I had very tough and unpleasant day. I’ll not delve into details, however, at Sunday I woke up in bad mood with thought: “Life sucks” :).
I had a choice: either to spend all the day at home, reading some book and thinking about “my life that sucks” or do something… Guess what I chose ;)

First I remembered about my good friend and called to her and chatted for several minutes. I felt myself already better!
Then I invited myself to dinner of my good friend, whose son came from U.S.A. to stay in Ukraine for several weeks (who doesn’t know – I live in Kyiv, capital of Ukraine :)).

When going to dinner, I called to another friend we mine. We did almost nothing but exchanged with greetings, chatted a little and made nice wishes to each other, however I felt myself inspired for what good friends I have!

Right before the house of my “dinner” friend I met girl with her mom carrying in hands huge suitcases. They asked me if I know “Marshall street” in that district. I said no, and I could go away (as I usually had done), however, I thought: “Hey, those people really need your help! What, you’ll go away and let them die from heat wave with those huge parcels?” Certainly, I didn’t want them to die ;), so, I called to my aunt who lived in that district who told me how to find the “Marshall street”. When I told with proud to my new acquaintances this information, they warmly thanked to me, and felt myself helpful and respected!
At last I got my friend’s dinner where I did nothing but speaking to other people, playing with friend’s children and frying barbecues.

However, it’s not the end! At the evening I went to the charity soccer match, all charges from which will go to junior sports school. At match I met good people with whom I have shared interests in business and spent good time with them.

At the evening I was going home with a though of: “Life is great!” The most satisfying thing was that I’m responsible for how I feel and what mood I have. Instead of sitting at home with a thought: “What a hot day, maybe I’ll sit at home and let my mood worsen”, I had nice day and even got new wonderful acquaintances! Make your lessons! ;)

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