To paraphrase a quotation from Patrick Henry, who of course was one of our founding fathers in America, "give me energy independence or death."

In our economy, it's time to face this truth: Boone Pickens, the famous Texas oilman, knows a lot more about energy and energy policy in America than virtually any of our politicians and is certainly better informed on these subjects than almost any of the "chattering class" in Washington, DC.

Specifically, he says that we as a society are engaged in a massive wealth transfer, where America is each year shipping nearly $700 billion overseas to other nations, some of which hate us, such as Iran or Venezuela. Of course, these are nations, which often own major oil companies outright and which our Congress in Washington, DC cannot easily call into our nation's capitol for testimony in an effort to look for "a scapegoat" for our nation's energy and economic ills.

And, so, I say to my fellow Americans this morning: "Wake Up! Wake up!" We cannot continue indefinitely to make such choices and, then, stupidly expect no consequences in this country. In addition, we must also understand that other countries will shock us, both now and in the future, by buying our companies outright with American dollars, which will come from the money each American pays to pump gas, which should be coming from the US but ISN'T. How could we have allowed this level of political correctness to so infect our society?

"Yes," it's time to develop alternative types of energy in our society to the maximum, including biodiesel, ethanol from such Midwest crops as corn, wind, solar and battery-powered technologies in the future. In fact, every "green innovation" in our society needs to be pursued. But, what about the other options? Should they also be included in our list of choices or not?

Once again, the answer is an unequivocal "Yes." All options need to be pursued, both now and in the future. And, so, I say "Drill, drill, drill!" Off the East Coast of the United States, off the West Coast of the United States, off the Gulf of Mexico and in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (in an area the size of one of our large airports in the US). The United States also needs to be willing to share the revenue with these coastal states in an effort to encourage their cooperation with the oil companies, who want to drill off of their coasts. Money can be a great incentive to our states.

By the way, "Yes, ANWR is a pristine area in Alaska," but almost no US Senator has ever even visited this area (perhaps excluding only former Senator Zell Miller from Georgia). On the other hand, Gov. Sarah Palin from Alaska knows this area well and endorses drilling there. As a patriotic American, who has never worked for any US Oil company, either directly or indirectly, I accept her recommendation.

Truly outraged US citizens must stop allowing the threat posed by certain trial lawyers, who represent overly zealous environmental interests, to stop our nation from becoming energy independent.

Do I mean LNG? "Yes." If we can spend 40% less than gasoline in the future on Liquefied Natural Gas. as Iran is currently doing, then we need to wake up and start using this bridge energy source, which can be found in abundance in the US, to its fullest in our society. We need to look for solutions versus complaints about this energy source or that energy option. Again, I am not now, nor have I ever been an employee of an LNG firm. But, I am a American citizen, who wants desperately to solve this problem, instead of simply wringing my hands about it, once again, 10 years from now.

Do I also include nuclear energy, too? Absolutely! We must also be willing to rely more often in the future on an increased use of the nuclear energy option. If France can find a way for nuclear energy to work in their society, so can the United States of America. We must start looking for reasons to use nuclear more frequently rather than excuses NOT to use it in our nation's energy future. Of course, the #1 reason for greater use relates to our economic vitality as a nation. As an economically, well informed American, who has never worked for any US company in the nuclear industry, either directly or indirectly, I challenge my fellow Americans to re-evaluate this option, too.

And, what about coal? Perhaps, you may think that the United States is the "Saudi Arabia of coal." If you have heard that statement in the past, it happens to be true. At current rates of use, our nation has an estimated 240 years of supply buried in the ground of America (Source: National Mining Association). But, we have to build more coal-fired electricity plants in the United States over the next five years and during the next 10 years in order to meet increased demand for electricity. Once again, I have also never worked for a US-based coal company, either directly or indirectly.

However, as an economic conservative, I challenge my fellow Americans to think differently and to act in a new way on each of these important subjects, as we mutually seek "new" answers to old problems. "Yes," we do need CHANGE from the tired, old conclusions of the doom and gloom crowd, which has consistently stood against progress in our society.

As the Editor and President of, Inc.,, I say that these proposed construction projects will provide so many high-paying jobs in our society and all over the United States that politicians of all stripes will smile from ear to shining ear. Plus, our wealth in the future can stay in North and South Dakota, in the Rocky Mountain states, in our Coastal states, in Alaska and all across America in terms of more jobs associated with a greater number of LNG plants, more refineries, a greater number of nuclear facilities and more coal-fired electricity plants in our nation. We as citizens can and should expect our politicians to do a better job of representing us and the economic and energy needs of our nation.

Let us today decide to stop enriching Iran and Venezuela and countries around the world, who do not have our interests at heart; instead, let us choose to keep the money in the United States, as our nation creates US-based jobs in every possible area of energy production.

In this way, America will stop choosing economic death for our country. Instead, we can choose to create more US-based construction industry and energy-related jobs in every possible corner of our nation in the future. We can also begin to make conscious decisions about moving toward energy independence. The choice is ours, but the consequence for making the wrong decisions are dire.

May God continue to bless the United States of America, as we collectively make good decisions both economically and politically in our nation's future.

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James O. Armstrong, President of, Inc.,, also serves as the Editor of is the resource for job and career transitions for workers 40 years old and over, Baby Boomers and Active Seniors. Read for skills training, relocation options, job opportunities and much more. In addition, James is the author of "Now What? Discovering Your New Life and Career After 50" and the President of James Armstrong & Associates, Inc., a media representation firm based in Suburban Chicago.