Whether you are at the office, in the car or at the movies there are many ways to still eat healthy.

At the office: stock up your office refrigerator with healthy snacks; low-fat hummus, all-natural peanut butter, low-fat cheese, pre-cut vegetables or fruit. Try and prepare snacks or meals that contain protein, including sandwiches or salads with tuna, lean meat or turkey. If your office has a microwave, heat up instant oatmeal for breakfast. Snack wisely - instead of keeping a candy bowl in your office, try eating raw nuts or roasted edamame.

In the car: in the rush to get to school, daycare or work, some families wind up eating breakfast in the car, so bring fast foods that are healthy. Choose foods that travel well, such as peanut butter sandwiches, fruits or vegetables. Speaking of fruits and vegetables, try and keep them bite-sized, it is easier for kids to snack on and more appealing . Baby carrots, blueberries, low-fat cubed cheese are some great choices. Try and control your portions by using small plastic bags.

At the movies: The distraction of the movie and the smell of fresh popcorn in the theater can sometimes lead to mindless eating. Plan what you are going to snack on ahead of time. Bring a small box of raisins, freeze dried fruit, nuts, or homemade trail-mix. If a movie theater sells coffee, try a skim latte.

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