You are working your buns off every day, with the pedal-to-the-metal and yet, the realization has sunk in, you can't squeeze any more in. The experts however are telling you that to make more money you have to fit in these tasks:

• Set up a blog and post 3 times a week
• Systemize your business
• Create self-study products
• Write articles and post them
• Do press releases with your key words
• Establish better follow up emails
• Send out thank you cards to prospects
• And the list goes on and on, doesn't it?

Alas, if you can't squeeze any more work in, how are you going to make any more money?

"Argh!" You think to yourself, "There has to be a better way."

There is.

It's called delegation. And it's your new secret weapon. But with so many priorities and opportunities, is it worth it to reroute your energy to hiring an assistant or finding an expert to delegate to?

Jason asked me the same question. Last year he made over $250,000 but he almost killed himself in the process. Working 80+ hour weeks with private clients, he was pretty exhausted and was completely baffled at how to take his business into the 7 figure range. During our strategy session, I revealed to Jason my secret weapon and how to use it in his own business. By hiring just one virtual assistant he was able to free up 10 hours a week that is now being used to create a more leveraged business.

If you can say yes to even one of these questions then you are in a prime position to have a HUGE return on investment from delegating.

I suggest starting out by delegating some of your biggest time and energy drains like:

• Bookkeeping
• Handling routine emails
• Sending out follow up "drip mail" campaigns
• Managing projects
• Or whatever else you find yourself putting off

When you delegate, you are freeing up your time, energy and resources to focus on your "bigger fish." If you are doing everything yourself, then there will always be a limit to how much you can accomplish as well as the amount of revenue you can bring in - especially if you are a service provider!

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Most entrepreneurs are continually battling overwhelm with too many things to do, opportunities to capture and money to make! Melanie Benson Strick, Million Dollar Lifestyle Business Coach & Virtual Team Building Expert, teaches entrepreneurs how to stop feeling overwhelmed so they can create more money, more freedom and more prestige. Get the Entrepreneur’s Secret Weapon to revolutionize your results and get on the fast-track to a freedom based business. Take this free chapter from my book, The Power of The Virtual Team, as a gift from me at