Paying taxes wasn't always this bad – there was a time when not every single manufactured good had tax piled on its price. But what the heck, there isn't much we can do about it, rallying on the streets while waving placards with certain official's names on it doesn't change much anyway. What it does get us is a wall of police men with little clubs in their hands and a free shower from the fire department. The government does it to almost every item of financial value you can think of, which includes our properties – this is known as property tax.

The governing body demands that we pay for the assessed amount annually, and as law-abiding citizens, we oblige. But somewhere out there, amongst the ruling “wolves”, came up with a tax relief program. Luckily the scope of the said program reaches out to property. What this basically does is provide a certain alleviation of the tax smacked onto the item within your possession; it does so via rebate. There are many states getting into this kinda thing – they offer several ways for you take to be lessened of the burden. One way is through the destruction of that certain property, like a yacht.

This is most definitely something you shouldn't do, so don't get any bright ideas. In some cases (states), it doesn't have to be completely destroyed to avail of the alleviation of property tax, damage done (depending on the guy assessing and the state you're in) can also have its “benefits”. Some of the most common “goods” assessed eligible for gaining property tax relief are boats, real estate, industrial equipment, and aircrafts. But this program isn't just limited to property, but to other things as well, which may include people with a certain amount of income at a certain age. As a matter of fact, they even extend the reach of the program to those having income from gaming – kinda makes you wonder why the government actually offers them the special “privilege” when all they do is play games.

Going back to the main topic, the property tax relief program is pushed through several categories. There are many too mention here, so I'll just state a few, that you may get an idea of the so-called categories. One would be the Senior Citizen Real Property Tax Relief category, which does in some way concern your grand daddy and mammy (the old ones). Another is the First-Time Homebuyer Individual Income Tax Credit, which seems to have something to do with individuals buying a house for the first time, maybe. The last example of a category I'll give you is the Homestead Exemption, I'm running outta space for me to upload, so I won't give a formal description of it, but you could always do research about it.

To conclude the topic for the day, the government (well at least somebody out there) does care for its citizens. Proof of that would be the “tax benefit” I've been talking about – not only does it keep us from paying way too much, but it also lessen the number of complaints made by the activists.

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