Who is this Dr. Phil Guy? By Richard A. Singer Jr.

Psychotherapy and counseling are extremely precious to me. The help of trusting and loving professionals within these fields empowered me to pick myself up from the depths of despair and become a contributor to the human race. Therapy is also my life, my career, and my unique and passionate purpose in this Universe. It is what I have been called to do and I intend on doing it to the best of my ability. Thus, when I see someone misrepresenting therapy it is my first inclination to do my part to point it out and hopefully bring some resolution to the issue. This is the main purpose of this short, but vital article. My hope is to point out the distortion of therapy that I observed and reveal the truth. This article is not in any way intended to put someone down or cause any conflict; it is simply an expression of truth.

Personally I am not an avid television viewer, however as I was reading a few nights ago I hear a voice, a seemingly judgmental, sarcastic, and somewhat demeaning tone that sent shivers down my spine while at the same time causing me to feel nauseous. It just so happens that my wife was watching the Dr. Phil Show who was supposedly conducting a therapy session in front of the world. I am not very knowledgeable about Dr. Phil, his background, certainly am not a frequent viewer of his “Therapy” show, haven’t read his best selling books, however I certainly know that he is not conducting what I know therapy to be.

Therapy is not sarcastic, it’s empathetic and compassionate. It’s definitely not judgmental; it consists of unconditional positive regard for the participant. It’s also not demeaning in nature, it’s based on an equal relationship of respect and honesty between two human beings on the journey of life. A therapist is not an actor or a celebrity with the purpose of entertaining others for ratings.

I personally despise making judgments, but when I hear a professional, doctorate level therapist judging human beings based on their job, being on welfare, categorizing people as “normal” and “abnormal”, I must take a firm stand and express my concern. Dr. Phil is not the type of therapist that the world needs as a role model. I’m sure he’s a wonderful man, a caring soul, and a great human being, however from what I observed I do not believe he is a good therapist.

Therapy is precious and necessary to help transform this struggling Universe. It’s about life and death, not ratings, money, or fame.

It’s important to always be cognizant of the fact that therapists are people desiring to help other people. They are not idols to be worshipped, Gods to be prayed to, or movie stars to be entertained by. Therapists are special people with a unique purpose to fulfill in this world.

Lets applause ourselves and our personal growth as human beings, rather than applauding and feeding the ego of Dr. Phil and whoever comes next.

For those who ask what is therapy? Here is my answer.

Therapy is - a journey growth between two human beings; confidential; based on honesty between both individuals; a process of taking complete responsibility for one's thoughts, feelings, and behaviors; non-judgmental; a process of continuous growth; based on a strong relationship between both individuals; an educational experience that focuses on specific learning in the therapeutic environment in order for this learning to be applied in everyday life; will bring out the limitless human potential hidden inside; requires commitment and dedication between both individuals; will provide compassion, hope, and support along the journey of life; will help you become the human being you were meant to be; consists of a human relationship not manipulation of psychological techniques; Above all Therapy is a GIFT!

Author's Bio: 

Richard A. Singer Jr. is a practicing psychotherapist living in the Cayman Islands. He is formerly of Pennsylvania and has a Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology and is currently working on his Doctorate Degree in Psychology at Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center. His daily inspirations have been included as part of Chicken Soup for the Recovering Soul, from the best selling Chicken Soup series. His own recovery from addiction and depression impassioned him to help others find courage, determination and peace, and has made what some would call “work” the love and purpose of his life. To learn more about Mr. Singer and explore updated information, visit his Web site http://www.yourdailywalk.org. or E-Mail him at RAS9999@aol.com. In addition, please join the him for down-to-earth interactive discussions about the suggested monthly readings, daily quotes, meditations affirmations, and journaling sections of the book on his Amazon.com Blog.