Sacred sex goes far beyond the bedroom, helping partners open fully to each other in trust and love through all facets of their relationship. Your relationship itself becomes a vehicle for spiritual growth and personal awareness. As you learn to open to yourself, to your own inner lover, you naturally open to others around you. You begin to understand that surrender does not mean submission or loss of self, but rather a loving expansion to something that is much greater than you are.

Like most spiritual paths, sacred sex teaches a discipline of the mind and body. It does so in a context of celebration and letting go into the sensual aspects of living, so that sacred sex is a paradoxical combination of mastery and spontaneity. As a celebration of life, sacred sex teaches the importance of conscious awareness, of being totally “in” your actions. By focusing attention on your body and your mind, and what you’re doing with them, you become all around healthier. Your emotions become more stable and more real. Your mental capacity increases and your physical health improves as you discover that your body is indeed the temple of your soul.

Balancing Feminine (Yin) and Masculine (Yang)

In both Taoist (China) and Tantric (India) traditions there are two opposite yet complementary forces at play in the universe, what the Taoists call Yin and Yang. Yin represents the feminine: cool, receptive, moist, and nourishing. Yang represents the masculine: active, dry, and fiery. Women are mostly yin, men are mostly yang—what popular author John Grey calls Venus and Mars—but within each woman there is some masculine energy and within each man some feminine. Carl Jung called these forces animus and anima. In Tantric lovemaking, you share and thus strengthen and balance your masculine and feminine energies. The YabYum posture, is an extraordinarily effective, and pleasurable, position for exchanging and balancing sexual energy with your lover, as is the Lovers’ Scissors.

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