1.) The First Step of the Law--an effective 1st step to get organized is to 3-pile everything. The first pile is for those unnecessary old things to discard and dismiss, the second pile is for those things that should be taken care of now; hence they need quick action. And the third pile is for those things that could wait; they can be filed, taken care of later, or both.

2.) The Law of the Time--Most people use the overly used excuse of “but I just do not have enough .” If you really do not have ample time to get organized, then move it—you definitely and drastically need to get structured and ordered.

Admittedly, while it takes some energy, time and effort in getting organized, it also gives you the bonus of adding much more into your life.

3.) The Law about the Past. Working your way through all the mess and clutter could bring you vis-à-vis with past failures, mistakes and regrets. And one of the things which seems to hold people back from organization is avoiding to deal again with things and issues left over and set aside from the past but the only best thing to do is face them, head-on, learn from them and then put them behind you—in the past.

4.) The 3-D Law--when something comes your way, say, a letter, a memo, an announcement or whatever, there are three and only three things you could do with it to stay orderly. 1.) Dump it: take it to the nearest garbage can and out of your sight. 2.) Do it yourself or try to delegate it.

5.) The System Law--by having a step-by-step tried and tested plan or system for just about anything you do is simply priceless. You know why—it’s because this SYSTEM stands for: S-aves Y-ou S-ome T-ime E-nergy M-oney.

6.) The Simplicity Law. Whatever the system of organization you try to utilize, make sure you keep it really simple.

The more easy to use and simple it is, the more likely you will get used to it.

7.) The Freedom Law--some of us who are quite disorganized or to put it succinctly, ‘organizationally challenged’, have resisted being organized because we refuse to be controlled or restrained by anyone or anything. However, quite the opposite is true--being organized lets you experience more control and freedom than you thought possible.

8.) The “Put your hands on it.” Law. You could tell that you are getting organized and on your way to full organization when you need to look for something and you could quickly “put your hands on it—it actually saves a lot of time.

9.) The Law of Staying Organized. Once you tried getting organized, do everything and whatever it takes to staying organized. It would take a lot less time and effort to stay orderly than to reorganize all over again.

10.) The Law of the Place--there is the old cliché that says, “everything in it’s place and a place for everything.” Maybe the reason why it became a cliché is because that it truly works.

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