Fire is the third element for you to develop an understanding about. This is the realm of emotion and emotions as well as direct committed action. Fire is that passion that burns deep down inside of you. After developing a solid foundation and a clear vision in the earth realm, you are able to move into the water element of timing, flow, and planning. Though each of these elements can be separated and spoken about individually, it is important to remember that they are a blended flow from one to another and no one is more prominent than the others. Fire is no different. Though it represents that passion and the emotional drivers, these drivers must have some essence and presence from step one when you create your vision. Your vision and plan must be driven by force and energy and emotion, not just logical thinking. Emotion and passion is the driving force for any dream and goal.

The fire element represents that direct, committed action. That all out, in your face, do or die kind of mentality. This is a burning, gut felt, driving passion that burns deep within your spirit. Just as a forest fire burns rapidly and consumes everything within it’s path in a very quick period of time, your driving passion and force must also be this strong. You must be willing to take action the very second that an opportunity presents itself, and take action with all that you have. Imagine for a moment that someone has put a gun to your head and told you to give them all your money or your dead. For a split second, they lower the gun and give you a chance to hit them and run. If you miss that split second, all hope is lost. You must take that moment as soon as it presents itself, and life is no different. Use proper planning to get to where you want to go, but also be sure to take action the very second life presents a chance to move toward what you want and to impliment your plan. This is the fire element.

The fire element also represents emotion and our emotions. Emotion is used here in the sense of that driving force. The experience of life in general. Emotion is the representation of our connection to those people and things around us. It is our ability to empathize with someone close to us when they are having a difficult time with something. It is our ability to connect to a situation and truly see what it is about aside from our biased opinions. Emotions represent our emotional response and feelings about things and people. Where emotion is about our connection, emotions are about what we are feeling on the inside about an experience or a situation. Our emotions are incredible forces when it comes to making decisions about things. We must be honest and clear about our emotions and how they effect our decisions and thoughts, but at the same time, we must be able and willing to get past our emotions to make the right decision based on what is appropriate for this situation. For example, I have studied martial arts for over ten years now. I hate violence and I pray I never have to use it. My emotional response is very very negative toward harming another living being, however, if I or my family is at risk, I may need to harm someone to keep them or myself safe. That is appropriate for the situation regardless of how I feel. This sort of decisiveness is important when it comes to success at anything in life.

The fire element is the driving force that pulls the other elements together and gives them life. Without emotion, life would be a very dull experience full of just stuff that happens. It is our tears and sad times that give the happy and joyful parts of our lives meaning. It is the love and burning inside that we feel for another person that gives life value. It is the experience of joy and peace that we feel when we are in nature that makes life rewarding. It is a passion to accomplish something that gives the earth realm of vision value and adds value to staying to course when you find a vision. It gives the plan for accomplishing what you want life and energy. Any plan that is nothing more than words on paper isn’t worth the paper it is written on and will easily fall to the side and never realize fruition. A plan with passion and energy in it though will have a driving force that will be difficult to slow down or stop. This passion and drive of the fire realm is important when getting into the wind realm of all encompassing action and sacrifice.

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