Yeah, I’m from planet earth.

I know gas prices have sky-rocketed & the stock market has plummeted. Diabetes is on the rise. Real estate is taking a dive. War rages on while our natural resources are coming to an end. And this is just 30min worth of news.

So it looks bleak & feels even bleaker, but let me burst your pessimist bubble - there is more than a silver-lining here. There is a world rich with love, joy, peace, & abundance for all that is bubbling to erupt and it is your life lived anew that will be the solution – that IS the solution.

Up till now, we’ve collectively & somewhat unconsciously boogied our way to this scenario with our current thoughts, beliefs & resulting practices. This is the world that competition, power over others, “dog eat dog” & “every man for himself” thinking have resulted in. This is not shared for finger-wagging, blame sake, or for guilt – for those things serve no one and really, they’re no fun. It is simply shared as an observation that can point us to experiencing a richer, more intentional, connected way of being in the world together.

Like when you put that rich, gooey, stinky, nutritional pile of compost on your plants – that’s the rich time I’m talking about! So there’s a lot of &$%# going on. Good! So much #$%& that you canNOT ignore it. Good! It means that time is prime for us to change our groove, choose another tune, & dance to something better!

How, you ask?

Well it is not going to be dependent upon which dude is sitting in the White House. It is not going to be up to the news you watch, your neighbors, your boss, your family or even your God. This is the richest time ever because the pruning, the watering, the care is all about you & the thoughts, feelings, & beliefs that you hold about the world. It may sound airy fairy to you, but you can’t deny that every action you have ever taken or not taken, conscious or unconscious, has been driven by your underlying beliefs about the world, others & yourself.

What if when you stepped out your door in the morning you knew that life supported you, that there is enough for everyone, that love IS the answer, and that every stranger is a friend-in-the-making? Your day would be different – I promise you, and not because the things, people & circumstances of your day would change (although that could happen too), but because you experience it all so differently.

This is the start of a rich, new world & it starts with us being open to taking a different kind of step outside our door today – the kind of step that embraces the ideas of gratitude, wonder, love, & riches that surprise us at every corner. When we look for it, we will find it. This new world starts with a new you, a new me & it will take daily practice, courage to release those beliefs that don’t serve us anymore, and lots of laughter to lighten the feel of…the compost, shall we say.

Here are some TIPS & RESOURCES for bringing on these Rich Times:

Choosing Prosperity (
This is an amazing site that has personally help me to expand my consciousness around prosperity. It has supported me so much that I have tithed back to the founder of this site, who lovingly offers it all for free. Each day you can practice your prosperity muscle on Choosing Prosperity:
· Gratitude Journal – focus on the abundance you do have in your life
· 100 Things List – focus on all the things you want to be, do & have
· Play the Game – receive & spend increasing checks each day & feel the joy of that!

Kumbaya Movie (
An upbeat video & song about our power
to create our lives by blessing what is & purposely
using our words, thoughts & actions to create something new.

$1,000,000 Bill (
Fun way to affirm your abundance! Jack Canfield put one up on his ceiling before he made his first million. I put it in my money bag when I’m selling CDs. Where you gonna put yours? Get your free $1,000,000 bill or order more to share with other prosperity buddies .

All This & More (
A gift for you – a free download of my song about claiming prosperity on every level no matter what the tube or papers are telling us. Click the title to stream the song or highlight & right-click to "save as". I’ll paste the lyrics below.

Smile Cards (
Anonymous “pay-it-forward” game that will leave a trail of kindness & generosity

Connect with Others (
Type in your location & keywords like “Law of Attraction” to meet with like-minded folks all about abundance for all or join the 100 day challenge to create a new dynamic life

Serve Others (
The best way to affirm your own prosperity is to share your wealth of talents, gifts & resources with others. Join this mighty army of givers serving with their special talents.

Empower Others & Yourself (
Help move the world from survival mode to sustained abundance by joining Humanity Unites Brilliance – an organization gathering the world’s top transformational leaders & everyday humanitarians like you & I.

Notes from the Universe (
There's nothing cooler than receiving personal messages each day from the Universe saying You're all that & more! Yee-haw! You Rock! and more amazing things about you & the wonderful world we live in. Sign-up now for FREE!

Power of the Word (books baby!)
*Four Hour Work Week
*The Wealthy Spirit
*Giving Thanks: The Art of Tithing
*Science of Getting Rich

Movies & Videos
*Abraham-Hicks on the World Financial Crisis (
*The Shift Movie (
*The Secret
*The Moses Code or view it online
*What the Bleep Do We Know


by Faith Rivera
Available on Maluhia ~ Everyday Peace

So convenient to believe
We are running
Out of time & out of mind
“The end is coming”

Hurry here & fluster there
Threat level rising
“Not enough for us to share”
Man hope is dying

What if the choice lies in my hands alone & I decide
To see things differently and live from this…

I feel joy
I feel good
I feel wonderfully full

I feel love
I feel peace
I feel all this…all

I feel strong
I feel on
I feel bright as the sun
I feel all this, all this, all this, baby & more

I’m so ready to believe
There is something
More than what my mind receives
From the evening news

There’s a power in the wind
The sky & ocean
I’m just starting to begin
To notice

How big & wide is this life if I am brave enough to let
It unfold without the doubt or drama


How big & wide is this life if we are brave enough to let
It unfold with grace & gratefulness


Author's Bio: 

Faith Rivera is an Emmy-winning singer, songwriter, & touring recording artist most known for her high-energy performances & groove-based songs of transformation. From TV shows like “ER” & “Scrubs,” to life-coaches & speakers/authors, spiritual centers to bouncy kids- they’re all using Faith’s empowering music! To hear her empowering music & find out more about her adventures in music & everyday prosperity, visit