Why is it that just as you are about to achieve your goals something pops up and stops you in your tracks? Why does it seem that every step forward requires hard work and perseverance while other people seem to fly toward their goals without a care? At times it is easy to become discouraged and to give up, however when things are the hardest is exactly when you need to take one more step forward and persevere.
In the business world as in life, success requires knowledge and strength. Those people who seem to have no problem meeting their objectives have undoubtedly overcome more obstacles in the past. They have gained the experience to avoid the obstacles that others seem to find littered along the path. The question becomes how to gain the same knowledge and strength without hitting the obstacles. The answer is you can’t. You have to go through it.
This process is not easy, it is not fun, but it is necessary and it is ultimately fair. As you work over the bumps in your way, you gain the know how to handle bigger obstacles. Overcoming bigger obstacles makes you better able to handle bigger decisions, more money and greater responsibility. If you do not push through the smaller problems in the beginning, you will not have built up the strength to overcome the harder problems that come after.
You are never presented with more than you can handle. You must realize that even if the obstacle seems insurmountable it is truly an opportunity to learn and get stronger; the bigger the obstacle, the bigger the prize on the other side. When things seem to be piling up on you, remember that you are being prepared for greatness. Once you have learned what you needed to learn, the obstacles will dissolve and you will be able to move confidently to the next lesson; and the next reward.
When you meet an obstacle that prevents you from moving forward you can either let it stop you or you can let it make you smarter and stronger. Those who succeed in reaching their goals are not blessed or gifted with easy lives; the most important quality they possess is the ability to see obstacles for what they truly are; opportunities to learn.

Author's Bio: 

Kerry Brooks is a mother of 4 daughters, a healer, empathic Tarot reader and visionary. She is available for live Tarot readings by visiting her website at www.Keen.com/ClearSky.