All of us have dreams. All of us have wants and desires and things and vision of our life that we want it to be like. There are places we want to go and stuff we want to accomplish. You probably even find yourself talking about what it will be like when. Or what you will do after you have this or accomplish that. It is a powerful thing to have goals and dreams and visions, however, there is one major flaw in the way that most people talk about their dreams and their goals. This problem is simple in context, yet takes alot of effort to fix. It can be done, and I know you have it in you to do what needs to be done to make it happen.

The problem with the way that most people relate to their dreams and goals and the way that they speak about their goals and dreams is that they keep it in the future. If you listen to people, they often speak about what they are going to accomplish or do or have in a few weeks, or months, or years. The problem with this way of thinking and speaking is that you are telling the universe that you want it in the future. It is great to have these dreams, however, you must learn to speak about your goals and your dreams as though they are already a part of your life. You must bring these goals and dreams into the present, or chances are good that they will always be in the future.

What I am talking about here is learning to replace future tense words with present tense words and thoughts. Instead of thinking about what it will be like when you get that money, or when you get that job, or when you get whatever, learn to think about it as though you already have it. See yourself doing those things, or having those things you want right here and right now. Learn to feel the feelings of what it is like to be in that situation, and feel it as though you already possess those things. Learn to speak about yourself in the present tense as having those things right now, and feel the feelings and think the thoughts of it already being in your possession right this second.

I understand that some things are in the future and it isn't always easy to speak as though they are already yours. Maybe you have a vacation in a couple of months set on the calendar and you are going. That's great, however, you still need to train yourself to speak about things in the present tense. People will often say I want to get this or that in a few months. Instead, they could use the statement of I am so happy about this thing or that thing that is mine. Or I see myself sitting on the back of my yacht. The key here is to really feel the feelings of having it right this second. Speak as though you have it sitting at home in your garage or on your porch or wherever. Create the reality in your mind first, and the universe will trip over itself to give you what you want. But if your reality states that what you want is days away or weeks away, it will always stay days away or weeks away. Bring it into the present in your mind, and time will warp itself to your every wish. The universe is at your command, simply tell it what to do, and start with what you feel and what you say.

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