What is Good Health?

Most people would answer this question with responses like, "the absence of disease" or "If I am not sick, I am healthy." But if you take this perspective, you are missing out on a lot!

Good health is much more than the absence of disease.

There are many important issues here.

One important point is that people don't generally go from being healthy to being sick suddenly, although it can seem that way when a symptom of disease first appears. But the truth is that the disease process started before the symptom appeared. The symptom is just the physical manifestation that most people finally recognize. But signs of a developing imbalance would have appeared long before the symptom manifested.

Good health involves more than just the body; it also involves the mind and the spirit.

When you are in balance and enjoying good health, these are signs that reflect that balanced state of health.

* Radiant glow showing strong aura
* Lustrous eyes
* Vital, vibrant appearance
* Attractive appearance
* Charismatic personality
* Spontaneous smile
* Expression of love, warmth, and joy
* Sharp, clear mind
* Strong, flexible body

If we don't have these signs, then there is something to strive for to make our life better and more fulfilling, and the only question is, "What is the best way to achieve this?"

There are continuous assaults on us by internal, food-delivered, and environmental toxins. We can be driven out of balance by stress, repressed emotions, inappropriate diet or lifestyle, insufficient rest, environmental toxins, climate or seasonal changes.

If we don't have the signs of health listed above, then we should be watchful for signs of imbalance, because they are probably evident and, with proper knowledge, can show us how to restore balance. By restoring balance at an early stage, we can not only avert disease, but improve our state of mind, our ability to cope with situations, our rapport with others, and our enjoyment of life.

Ayurvedic doctors are trained in this specialized knowledge that can detect imbalance and recommend steps to restore balance.

Many people prefer to take an active role in their own health and are aided by an online web application that can check for early signs of disease or a developing imbalance at http://www.mindxpansion.com/ayurvedic/. You can also do this through the computer program, Ayurveda Almanac, which can detect imbalance through interaction with you, and can recommend steps to restore balance that are specific for your personal needs.

Whichever method you choose, your life can be dramatically improved by achieving the balance that these methods provide.

Author's Bio: 

Tim Larson developed the first computer program on Ayurveda. His mix of the ancient secrets of Ayurveda with the modern technology of computer programming brought a new interactive experience of Ayurveda, custom-tailored for the user. You can find more information about health at http://www.mindxpansion.com/health/