Before answering the question of why negative emotions seem to persist more than their positive counterparts, we must consider the origins of emotions. Everything in the universe is energy; it may be physical or non-physical in our experience.

Most things function as systems of energy, where energies interact for specific purposes. Your body’s nervous system and digestive system are obvious examples, as is the solar system which uses energy from the sun to sustain matter and life. Everything is energy: including light, sound, heat, matter and specifically, emotions.

Emotions are non-physical energies, and following the laws of energy, they have the property of mass. You can prove energies have mass quite easily for yourself. Think of some incident in your life in which joy just flooded over you, and feel that joy again. You can feel that emotion quite easily right? Well, you just felt a spiritual (ie non-physical) energy mass moving into your consciousness and flowing through your experience.

Emotions are masses of energy (of higher vibration than physical mass) which you create for the purpose of experience. Once experienced, positive emotional masses return to, revert back into, the quantum field – they have achieved their purpose.
Your negative emotions however, when resisted so they do not flow, continue to build up mass. And these masses of negative emotion-energy will persist until you face and release them in your experience.

Emotional energies experienced, flow away, but when resisted, persist. They will continue to show up in your experience until you deal with (experience) them once and for all. So the law is: emotions experienced disappear, but resistance causes persistence.

Your main purpose in living is to experience as much as you can, including positive and negative emotions, feelings, adventures and challenges. This is called the Game of life and we are all players in our own game and in our shared games. You design your life games with your will, thoughts, desires, emotions etc, creating avalanches of amazing experiences. Then you energize those thoughts with emotion and focus, building up the energy mass of your intention until the creation densifies into physical or non-physical existence.

This is how we create. Our thoughts and focus give mass and form to potential quantum energy and we eventually experience our creation. None of us has much trouble creating positive emotions, or negatives for that matter; however, knowing how to deal with our negative emotions is more of a challenge.

The answer is not so difficult really: we have to experience them completely by feeling them fully. Only then will they, as we said above, have fulfilled their purpose for existing – for us to experience them.

When we refuse to experience negative emotions, or any negative experiences in our life, we are actually refusing to allow those energy masses to flow and thereby return to the quantum field. We resist them, so they persist as energy masses within our wider energy field, waiting for another occasion to pop into our consciousness, to be experienced. This is partly why we seem to have more negative e experiences than positive ones: we resist the negative ones, so they keep turning up in our experience until we discreate them through experiencing them out.

Learning how to discreate negative emotions is a whole spiritual technology in itself, one we will continue to explore and explain in the future. Meantime, realize that at some level of your being, you create what shows up in your life. You created it for the experience and for the challenge for your inner growth. Remember life is still a game, serious sometimes, but always interesting. Challenge and diversity make any game exciting.

Try creating positive emotion for yourself right now. Relax into these beautiful lyrics:

“Close your eyes, let your spirit start to soar, and you'll live as you've never lived before!”
- Music of the Night, from Phantom of the Opera.

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