Eczema has affected millions of people across the globe. The list of eczema care remedies is never ending as well, but the hard fact is that, a solution can work wonders for one sufferer and for the other, it may leave no impact. An absence of an appropriate cure, combined with fear of life-long dependency on medication, drives eczema sufferers to search for significant approaches suggested on the web or through other mediums. Following an unsystematic approach, often leads to adopting hit and trial strategy, that sometimes can harm and aggravate the eczema symptoms.

The eventual expected outcome is to derive an answer to what remedies or cure are beneficial for eczema. The most important factor to consider involves the “symptoms” of eczema, as each eczema sufferer may or may not exhibit the same symptoms. It is important to note that the remedies/treatments being followed must be according to the prevailing symptoms.

Based on our research work related to eczema, we have considered a thorough run through various trusted medical sources, including well-known studies, publications, and research papers. A total of 35 different research studies were scrutinized to formulate a new outlook towards eczema care. Our infographic approach,What Actually Works for Eczema? is an expression, which sums up the most commonly searched eczema relief terms on the internet.

Representing each of the eczema-friendly supplement with a bubble, their size depends upon their popularity and significance on the web. Hence, the larger the circle, the more influential is the supplement in its action on eczema symptoms. Based on the importance that each supplement imparts, they have been categorized under Strong, Good, Inconclusive and None sections. While the Strong section indicated that a supplement has been strongly supported in providing positive results in eczema care, None includes a list that might be of interest in a near future, but currently have no relevant study directly associated to eczema care.

A user can click on the bubble to obtain more details on the studies used to position the supplements in a certain category. Thumbs up and thumbs down icons are included in the bubble to provide them a quick view of the study/studies associated with the supplement. Thumbs up represents that the supplement has been recommended positively for eczema treatments.

The infographic is a work based on research and analysis. This is a self-descriptive, informative and beautiful data presentation with an effort to provide the users with a complete view of the supplements that are on the internet for eczema treatments. In case, any particular remedy or supplement may benefit your condition, we highly recommend that one consults a dermatologist before including it in their daily eczema care. A skin specialist can provide a deep insight regarding the remedy and its beneficiary effects on eczema patients.

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I am Nav. I'm a health blogger by choice. I run a blog website, Eczema Living, related to eczema and its remedies. The site is an outcome of my experience in managing my son’s severe eczema, food allergies, asthma, along awesome allergy free-recipes, latest research and treatment plans that worked for us.