Many leadership researchers emphasize the importance of authenticity. People under authentic leaders can trust them, rely on them, know what they are thinking and therefore are able to follow them wholeheartedly.

Where is your leadership coming from? Do your actions originate from your core? If so, they represent your authentic, deep self. If not, they may represent something more superficial, the persona you have created to cope with life’s circumstances.

Executives might feel for one reason or another that they have to have all the answers. They often lead others into trouble this way. Others have valuable perspectives on issues close to them and we need to explore other sides of issues strategically. Some leaders believe their power is in being right, to cope with the responsibility and power of their position, however, I believe their true power is in being real.

Right vs. Curious

“Only the curious will learn and only the resolute overcome the obstacles to learning. The quest quotient has always excited me more than the intelligence quotient.”

Eugene S. Wilson

Let us give others our brand of wisdom, perception, loyalty, and direction. By transparently communicating our beliefs, views and priorities, we give all we have to give to others. There is no gap between our internal vision of the world and our outward expression.

Author's Bio: 

Mary-Ann Owens has been coaching executives since 1999. She is currently completing a PhD in Leadership Development at the University of Calgary. She was the founding President of the Calgary Chapter of the International Coach Federation in 1998. Mary-Ann facilitates leadership development workshops and coaches Managers, Vice Presidents and CEOs in corporations.