There are different ways to lose weight if you want to weigh less. It may take a little time to lose weight, but you can if you have the patience and know how to do.

It is impossible to say exactly how many kilos that is the right to weigh. There is no danger that weigh more than average, if you feel fine otherwise. But maybe you know yourself that you would like to weigh a little less.

Why are you overweight?

Many things affect how much you weigh, such as age, gender, height and how much you exercise.
The body needs energy, and energy comes from what you eat and drink. The body needs to use up as much energy as it receives in itself, not to go up or down in weight. If you are overweight, you have received you more energy than your body is made of.

It need not be a problem to weigh above average. But some eating to suppress difficult emotions, such as stress, anxiety or sadness. Some medications can also affect weight. Some find it difficult to feel full and therefore eat too much. Others simply think that it is good and pleasant to eat, such as when you hang out and eat together.

How is your body?

The risk of getting sick does not increase if you only a little overweight, and while eating good food and good habits for the rest. It is not dangerous to be a little overweight.

But if you are very overweight, the body can be affected in different ways. Especially if you continue to gain weight. The risk of diseases of the heart and arteries and disease Type 2 diabetes, the risk is reduced if you eat good food on the go.

It can also be hard on the joints in the body if you weigh much. It can cause injury and pain, such as knees and hips. Very severe obesity called obesity and is considered a disease.

Tips to lose weight from Swedish site Gå

Eat three main meals every day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. You can find out more about gå ner i vikt here!

• Drink water with your meal.

• Eat vegetables every meal. It is good if at least half the plate consist of vegetables. Take a serving of the food. Eat more vegetables if you do not get measured.

• Eat a few snacks each day. It may be, for example, a fruit or vegetable.

• Choose breads with high fiber, preferably wholegrain.

• Drink water when you are thirsty.

• Just take a little bit of food and drink high in fat and sugar.

• Eat sweets, snacks, juices and soft drinks up to once a week.

• Smoothies and juices also contain a lot of energy.

• Stir at you every day, for example, by bike or walk to school or work.

Exercise more intensely a few times a week. You can swim, jogging, dancing, going to the gym, walk fast or anything else that suits you.

• Reduce the time you sit still, for example, the time at the computer, television or telephone.

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