An email from a friend cites some guru who says next week’s eclipse means “the end of the world!”

This is baloney, and probably nothing huge will happen August 21 to endorse the significance of the eclipse. “Signs of the times” should be taken in their context and it is interesting that another solar eclipse will occur in seven years with a path that marks a big ‘X’ across the US with path of August 21.

The idea of a big ‘X’ marked over a 7-year period does have eschatological implications if we consider God’s plan to make an end of nations as He said in Jeremiah 30:11. “In the latter days” we are to consider it, verse 24.

Are there other meanings to an eclipse? We should consider that the sun is the source of light and life for our world physically, and it represents what the Son represents spiritually. Christ is light and life for us.

The moon shines by reflected light and represents the church. The moon was to rule the night (Genesis 1) and the papacy ruled the night of a period of time known as the ‘Dark Ages.’ The eclipse is the moon interposing between us and the sun, even as the papacy interposes between a billion members and the Son, with claims to forgive sin and offer salvation—things that only Christ can do.

The eclipse coming at this time in earth’s history suggests an impending time when billions will be blinded to what the Bible calls the Mother of Harlots and Abominations in Revelation 17 where half a dozen clues point to the papacy and it is difficult to imagine those clues as pointing to any other entity, but the Bible’s warning will be lost on a billion people who think they are Christian when they are blind to the teachings of Christ—“Call no man father…” (Matt 23), and “Broad is the way that leads to destruction.” Matthew 7:13.

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Dr. Richard Ruhling is an author on topics of Bible prophecy and end-times. His ebook, The Alpha & Omega Bible Code has mostly 5-star reviews on Amazon. He is a retired physician who sees prescription drugs as a leading cause of illness and death. He offers an excellent DVD featuring Cleveland Clinic's Cardiologist (5 minutes can be seen on his website at )