India has some of the best black magic experts in Hyderabad. Black magic is Pseudo belief that someone cursed negative energy upon another. This causes mental tension, eye blurring, confusion, no mental peace at home, job tension, Money loss, and sometimes life in trouble.
These beliefs are said to be there since older times but no more and more increasing because of internet information.
We can only see these types of people in Villages or to be believed by uneducated rural Indian people. But there are instances that even highly educated people are believing in black magic.
There are many names Kala jadoo tona, Vashikaran, Chetabadi, Chilla prayog. Whatever the name the process is the same. The so-called Black expert in Hyderabad will do spells to curse and negatively affect the enemy.
Education is the only way to get rid of these baseless beliefs.

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Sritulasi is the best astrologer in India and she won the 2015 award of excellence in astrology from Shri Damodar University, Varanasi. Her website