The hematologists treat the patients suffering from bleeding disorders like hemophilia, blood marrow transplantation, blood transfusion and treating hematological malignancies and hemoglobinopathies. They detect and deliver the most suitable therapy, if needed. In hematological disorders, person suffers from anemia, blood clots, hemophilia, thalassemia, low blood counts, lymphocyte disorders and plasma cell disorders.

The affected person generally suffers from dizziness, fatigue, loss of concentration, shortness of breath and increase in heart beat. The patient must immediately contact the hematologist; else it may lead to blood cancer. You may also contact the hematologists in Delhi.

Anemia is another disorder caused due to decrease in the RBCs count or reduction in the quantity of hemoglobin. This eventually leads to decrease in capability of hemoglobin to bind the oxygen, resulting in lack of oxygen supply to various organs. Due to low oxygen, anemia may also escort the person towards heart attack. Most of the times it is caused due to various medications, demolition of red blood cells before their normal life, kidney diseases, cancer and due to pregnancy.

Mild anemia does not show any signs, in severe cases the patient feel grumpy, weak, headache and is unable to concentrate. In the worst cases it can lead to brittle nails, pale skin color, shortness of breath, change in the color of eye and sour tongue. The treatment might include blood transfusion, Corticosteroids that suppress the immune system, medicines that helps the bone marrow in making blood cells and supplements of iron, vitamin B12 or folic acids. Patients may go for the anemia specialist in Delhi who provides you with all the modern techniques of getting rid of the illness.

While hematology deals with blood, hepatology is another branch dealing with liver, gall bladder, biliary tree and pancreas disorders. These disorders occur due to overconsumption of alcohol, inherited disorders of metabolism of copper and iron, severe reactions to some medications, follow up of liver transplant, infection from bacteria and failure of heart. The illness is detected by abdominal pain, fatigue, intestinal bleeding, itching, jaundice, vomiting, and swelling in abdomen, weight loss, weakness and lack of interest in sex.

These infections call for the quick medical treatment. There are certain hepatologist in Delhi working efficiently towards curing liver problems. These doctors take an expert advice of oncologist too, preventing the patients from cancer in any of the affected area.

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