Many folks in the northern hemisphere will no doubt perceive the arrival of winter as a health threat. That's perfectly understandable, when it's well reasoned that ill health occurs due to cold weather and shorter daylight hours. Indeed, both factors are very capable of giving high numbers of people those well-known winter blues.

No doubt, during suffering with colds and flu, many will be reaching out for powders, pills and pick-me-ups... during which time others will be suffering from the winter affects in a different and more problematical way: At wintertime, if you get frequent recurrences of.

Tiredness / Fatigue Mood swings

Drowsiness Irritability / Excessive food cravings

Unusually sad / Much less or little desire for sex Tense

Trouble keeping focused Overreacting / Restless

Then the case may be that you have SAD (seasonal affective disorder) a type of depression due to less daylight hours over wintertime. A feeling of downbeat is indeed a mild version of SAD depression and like I've said many are affected. This milder version, feeling downbeat or down in the dumps, affects around 25 million Americans. Some 14 plus million Americans are said to have SAD. The shorter daylight hours lead to higher levels of the hormone melatonin, which can in turn affect mood: A disturbance in the sleep cycle is said to be the culprit.

First, before looking into SAD depression or alternatively just plain down in the dumps, let's examine the said cure for a common cold. You know the feeling when you're about to have a cold. Yes, the first signs you have include that ickle-tickle in the throat...Then I strongly suggest you dose yourself with high levels of vitamin C. Ignore attempts to discredit this treatment from those saying that high dosing with vitamin C doesn't work. It does work and the only real reason why there are those who have not found it successful is because they haven't dosed high enough.

The precise amounts of vitamin C required and when to use it can be found on the webpage entitled ''Surefire Cures for the Common Cold or Flu.'' It has worked well for me. Even if you're too late to catch it at the early stage and already have a cold, high dosing on vitamin C can still be very useful as a cure and cut the ailment time significantly. A few words of advice, when buying vitamin C, make sure that it contains bioflavanoids. This is the vitamin C complex and is far more effective.

Another trick for melting away those icy-cold winter blues and coping can be found using some highly effective methods in dealing with less daylight hours.

Stay out in the sun longer

Make use of those precious sunlight hours, even though they may not last long. Get into the habit of taking walks. Getting the sun on you allows vitamin D production (vitamin D-3), which leads to serotonin elevation, that wonderful feel-good factor hormone that also lowers melatonin levels.

Now, here's someone with an ingenious solution...

Mark Golding had frequently suffered from SAD. He chose to do something about his condition by setting up his own company, specializing in manufacturing a non-invasive type of lighting therapy product. Through this lighting form that fully mimics daylight; he doesn't suffer anymore from SAD. His product is highly effective, cheap and energy efficient. More details he can found online at

Get good supplies of vitamin D

Food sources rich in this vitamin are: Fish oils like cod liver oil and flax seed oils. Both contain high amounts of the much needed omega-3 fats.

Be wise with your dietary choices.

Have lots of organic, natural food. Go easy on starchy grainy food.

In summary, many people suffer unnecessarily from colds, flu and SAD or feeling down in the dumps and the choices made by getting into the above habits is the solution.

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