Can My Husband Change: He Won't Change For Me - When Your Spouse Will Not Change

It can happen to the best of marriages. One day you and your husband are inseparable, the next day you are not even talking to each other. How does a sweet marriage sudden turn sour overnight? The purpose of this article is to show you how to get your husband to love you again. I will also show you where you can get forbidden techniques to make your husband to love you again.

For some women, the end of a happy marriage usually come without warning or explanation. One moment, you and your husband are like Siamese twins and then, out of nowhere, your husband will suddenly stop talking to you and will give lame excuses why he is not having simple sex with you.

What went wrong?

Agreed, we all make mistakes. So it is only to be expected that sooner or later a spouse will do or say something that makes you unhappy. To be honest, you may recall a few times when you have hurt your husband. So, what can you do to get your husband to love you again?

If you want to get your husband to love you again, you must understand that we are all imperfect and we will surely rub one another the wrong way once in a while. Usually, conflicts will always come up between two happy people, but the major challenge is how we deal with it every time it happens.

How to get your husband to love you again

If you truly value your marriage, you will surely look for ways to repair it.

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Learn to talk calmly to your husband.

Wisdom dictates that you talk calmly to your husband on every important issue if you want to get your husband to love you again. If you can set a specific time to talk about issues in your marriage, you will lessen the likelihood of conflict resulting from misunderstanding and your husband will respect you the more.

Modify your expectations.

Understanding why your husband no longer loves you like before will help you to modify your behavior and expectations. Having some insight into what caused the marriage to turn sour will allow you to take corrective actions.

Seek help for yourself.

Having a mature, trusted friend wit whom you can share your problems and feelings will help you. But you must seek help from someone who has a track record of nurturing a successful and happy marriage. do not be afraid or ashamed to go to your friend for comfort and advice.

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If you truly want to save your marriage, the first step is actually realizing that there is a problem. Sounds simple, but for most couples, admitting there is a problem is a hard thing to do. Nobody wants to feel like a failure. And admitting that your marriage is not as perfect as you would like it to be can be a hard pill to swallow. But you must swallow it and be honest about your situation if you ever want it to change.

Truth be told, most people who say "I Do" have no idea what they are getting into. We all think we will have that fairytale marriage but when reality sets in, we realize there is no such thing. So we learn as we go and we make a ton of mistakes. Don't worry, you are not alone. There is no such thing as a perfect marriage, but you can come close when you know these 3 simple steps.

Step #1 - Stop Looking At Every Problem On A Case By Case Basis

You can't go into the details of every problem that you have. Couples that do this usually never get to the root of the problem. They just dance around it. If you want to save your marriage you will have to be willing to deal with the big issues. The issues that keep coming up over and over again. So what is the real problem in your marriage? Are you feeling unappreciated? Do you feel like your feelings don't matter? Do you wish you and your spouse had more sex? Get to the root of the problem and you will be able to start the process of saving your marriage.

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Step #2 - Examine Your Beliefs About Marriage

We all have our own beliefs about what a marriage should and shouldn't be. Sometimes those beliefs can get in the way of us having a fulfilling marriage. For example, it might be your belief that the wife should always cook. If your wife doesn't feel that way it can cause major problems. So take the time to examine your beliefs and then talk to your spouse. Sometimes there will be a need for compromise. And if you really want to save your marriage, you will be willing to compromise on some things.

Step #3 - Understand That Men And Women Are Different

When it comes to saving your marriage, it is important to acknowledge that men and women are different and each has different role in the relationship. Just because your spouse doesn't see something the way you do doesn't mean they are wrong. Men and Women can view the exact same thing totally different. For example, there is a commercial where the daughter comes home and tells her parents she got into one of the top colleges in the nation. The mom hears exactly what the daughter says and starts to celebrate with her. The dad on the other hand ears that his daughter got into one of the most expensive schools. The only thing on his mind is the money.

That's the way men think. They are always trying to make sure they can take care of everything. They are very task oriented. I used that example to say that even though they both approached the situation totally different, through compromise they can come to a common place of understanding. So instead of getting upset with your spouse because they don't see something the way you do, embrace those differences and learn how to meet each other half way.

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When you want to learn how to save a broken marriage, you have to stop hiding from the problems. Human nature makes us want to avoid painful situations, and we tend to turn away from problems. You simply can't do that when you want to save your marriage.

The love that was there when you got married is still there - in both of you. At this point in your marriage, however, that love may seem nonexistent. When marital issues pop up, anger and resentment take the place of the love and joy that we once felt.

In many marriages, both partners have to go to work, outside of the home. This leaves little time to spend with each other. Besides work, your have to make time for family, friends, and kids. This leaves less time to spend with each other. Your spouse should be your top priority. You should both remember this. When you keep each other at the top of your list, your marriage will be much happier.

All too often, your spouse somehow gets to the bottom of your list of priorities. This only makes marriage harder. When a spouse feels unloved, or like they have taken a back burner to the other things in their partner's life, it will lead to even more marital problems.

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When your marriage has reached this point, sex is probably out of the question. this is another crucial mistake - you absolutely HAVE to keep the intimacy in your marriage! Emotional togetherness is important, but people need physical togetherness. Start with something small, like holding hands or a hug.

That may sound silly, but it connects the two of you in a physical way. The more you do these small things, the closer you will get, and the intimacy will slowly come back into your marriage. When you rekindle some of that intimacy, you will start to see your marriage come back to life.

never assume what your partner is thinking or doing. When you assume something, you will probably only come up with bad things. You are not a mind reader, and neither is your spouse. Talk to each other. Ask your spouse what is bothering them, and tell them what is bothering you.

Your spouse is your best friend - for life. Even though things aren't as good as they should be right now, they could be much worse. When you take small steps to save your broken marriage, you will see your marriage improve.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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What men want in a woman is someone who isn't afraid to eat. I don't know why the modelling industry is as crazy as it is, but ask any man and we'll probably tell you that it's better to be a bit bigger than it is to be stick thin. In general, it's also easier to lose weight than it is to gain weight, so if your husband wants to help you out, if you're a bit chubbier, it's easier for him to help you. A lot of women don't realize that their men would love them to be not as self-conscious and to eat whatever with them. Here are three reasons why you're destroying your marriage by being self-conscious about your body.

1. We love you as much as you love yourself

If you hate how you look, there's not much we can do to change that. As much as we think you're beautiful, if you think that you're ugly, our perception of you is slowly going to change as well. We don't want that. We want to see our wife as being beautiful, but she has to take the first step.

We made a promise to you. We will stay together with you, forever and ever, but it's going to make things hard if you're so negative about yourself. If you loosen up, eat more if you want to, you will start looking more and more beautiful every day.

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2. Bigger is healthier!

"Til death do us part." Obviously, we don't want you to die too soon. Like I said in the first paragraph, it's easier to lose weight than it is to gain. If you gain a bit of weight, so what? It will accentuate your curves and you'll be more feminine. There is nothing feminine about a stick figure.

Food is such an important part of life and if you can't embrace it, then you're never going to be as healthy as you are. The more (good) food you eat, the more you can build up your body and protect it from sickness as well.

3. Food brings us together

This is probably the most important aspect of food. It's what brings people together. If you want to be happy with your man, you'd want to eat more with him. Encourage him to cook with you and eat your creation together. If you see food as another chore, then you're not going to be happy.

Why do people go out to dinner for a date? It's because food is important to establish a relationship with someone else. Without food, we wouldn't even be together!

What men want in a woman is someone who isn't self-conscious about themselves and knows how to enjoy good food. If the wife realizes that we only live once and that in that time, we should enjoy the best food available to us, just try and stop the man from loving that sort of positive attitude.

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