I Cheated On My Husband How Do I Get Him Back: I Had An Affair And Have Decided To Return To My Marriage

Many women cheat on their husbands for several reasons thinking their husbands may not know and with the false belief that they are enjoying themselves. If you have been caught in the act and you want to do everything to save your marriage you can still make your husband to love you again after you cheated on him. The tips here will guide you on what to do and you must quickly take actions before it is too late. At the end, your husband's friends may think you possess some strange powers to keep your marriage from breaking up.

Inside of you are powers to make up and break up. You get whatever you want from your thoughts. Be positive and calm. Ask for forgiveness without necessarily begging. Ask and keep on asking until you will be able to make him grant your desires. Your desires are for him to forgive and love you again as if nothing happens.

Make him believe that some strange spirits and powers took over your life to make you cheat on him. Ask him to take you to see a Christian deliverance minister. That you were not yourself during the period you are with the other man.

Be honest with all the questions he may throw at you. He may want to know every detail and how you eventually fall for him. Go on and tell him.

Do not be in a hurry to make him love you again after you cheated on him. Allow time for healing and for forgiveness.

Do not go about making excuses for your sins. Apologize and accept responsibility for all your actions.

Learn the techniques of becoming friends again with your husband after you cheated on him. The techniques will make your husband to love you again if applied properly on him.

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Wondering about how to make your marriage work or simply feeling worried about your marriage and at the same time, sensing your husband might be cheating on you? No worries. It is not the end of the world even if you find out your husband is cheating on you. It may be painful and difficult at first; but sooner or later, you will learn that you will need to fight for the love you have and of course, fight for the man you really love. Consider the following tips and suggestions about how to make your marriage work so that you may not encounter any problem about losing both your husband and marriage:

1. Keep Respect Intact

In case you do not know, one of the most essential elements of a successful marriage is that of respect. Therefore, make sure you keep respect in your marriage in one piece at all times. You see; without it, there will always be room for abuse - may be verbal, emotional or physical. With respect intact, you can be certain that your spouse will always think a bout your well-being no matter how mad or how hurt he may be.

2. Value Your Indifferences

Another very crucial factor in learning about how to make your marriage work and keeping it alive is that of learning how to give importance to each other's indifferences. Keep in mind that you and your spouse did not grow from or belong to the same family. So there can be no way that you will think alike or will be inclined to be fond of the same things. The only way you can successfully overcome this is by understanding the reality that you and your spouse are different in countless of ways. As soon as you have mastered the art of respecting your individualities; that is the only time you can say your marriage has a chance of staying alive for a lifetime.

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3. Grow Together: Learn New Things Together

Last but not least, make sure you discover new things together. That way, you will not stop growing together which is one of the ultimate cornerstones of a good marriage. Find new places to explore or new foods to try. Remember, this world will never run out of new things to explore.

Walk and travel around. See some sights. Look at the beautiful things the world has to offer. As we always say, a plain jar of peanut butter can look like a very expensive flower vase if it is owned by the person you love. In other words, everything will look great especially if you catch a glimpse of it with the person you most love.

4. Believe In The Power Of Communication

Last of all; how to make your marriage work will also entail having effective communication between you and your spouse.

It is not enough that you are talking but it should be done effectively. To do it, learn the art of listening - not just being a sounding board but really, listening. If you are certain you have no problems with these things, then you do not have to worry about how to make your marriage work after all.

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Years ago a young man notice a young lady on campus. At first he could not find a way to meet this young lady. Then he discovered from another student this young lady was a music major. She was an excellent piano player. She also worked as an usher at symphony hall.

Although this young man played the clarinet in his high school band, he was really more interested in sports than music. But he decided to do something unusual. He decided to attend each concert, and sit in the section where this young lady ushered. Within time the young man was able to start a conversation with the young lady. They started to date one another. Finally, they became engaged and married one another.

Why did this young man get the girl? The answer is very simple. He practiced a very important principle. The principle is actually found in the Bible in the New Testament. You can find this principle in Philippians 2:4. "Let each of you not only look to your own interests, but also to the interests of others."

Now this is the principle this young man used to get the girl. He humbly and sincerely looked out for the interest and concerns of the young lady. He was interested in football, but she was interested in music. He was therefore willing to attend every concert to show her interest was important to him.

Sad to say, as time moves on married couples often lose sight of this principle. After the first year of marriage many couples find themselves in deep conflict. The reason is often very simple. They stop practicing the principle of looking after the interest of the other person. Now they spend more time taking care of their own interest with their friends rather than each other.

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Let me share with you how this principle might work in a long standing marriage relationship.

Chuck and Mary have been married for ten years. They have a happy marriage, but right now there is a conflict between them. Mary wants to buy new curtains for the living room, but chuck is anxious about the idea. They are already over budget for the month. They have been under financial stress for several months.

But Chuck remembered the principle found in Philippians 2:4. He then asked Mary this question. "Why buying new curtains was so important when we are having financial problems? Mary's face lit up. She could tell that Chuck was concern about her interest. Mary then said this to Chuck. "Remember my mother is coming for a visit in three weeks. I like the house to look nice for her visit."

Chuck then realized that his wife was not being reckless with their money. She had a valid concern. Chuck realized that the living room curtains needed to be replaced. He also realized Mary's desire to have a nice looking house for her mother's visit was a valid concern.

Together they began to brainstorm a solution to the problem. They continued to talk over the course of two days until they finally found a solution. Mary discovered that her friend Jill was willing to make the curtains at half the cost of the department store.

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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What men want in a woman is female flair. Naturally, this is something that only a woman can give. Men love women because of your femininity. If you can use this femininity in everyday during marriage, we can assure you that we'll never want to stop heaping love on you. Below are three ways that you can use your natural femininity to re-attract your husband to keep him coming back for more.

1. Natural subtlety

Women are naturally subtle. Even though us guys can be confused by what you mean at times, if you use your natural feminine subtlety to imply what you want, we'll tag along. Just make sure that you're not so subtle that end up totally misinterpreting what you want.

This is an example of playing hard to get, but on a small scale. There's no reason you can't flirt when you're married. Just make sure to do whatever you did when you were still dating and you'll find that your man will play your game.

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2. Keep on running...

Playing hard to get is one of the oldest dating practices in the world. People don't often associate it with marriages, but what's stopping you from doing it when you're married? I'd like to think of marriage as a perpetual game of "tiggy". One person is it, the other person chases. He/She catches the other person, and they swap. Rinse and repeat.

Women who exhibit their female flair make good targets to chase. If women don't run we guys can't chase. We get lazy, and our marriage stagnates. It's better to run and "keep fit" than it is to get too complacent in marriage. That's what causes rifts to occur.

3. Confidence

Female confidence in my opinion is more attractive than male confidence. That's because male confidence is more wide-spread than female confidence. If you have a female who's confident about what she wants in life and is successful because she's worked hard for whatever she wants out of life.

If you exhibit female flair in your relationship with your husband, he will respect what you have to say. Respect breeds respect and assuming he's a confident individual as well, you'll be a pretty strong couple.

What men want in a woman is someone who exhibits natural female flair. Things like confidence, knowing how to play the hard to get and being naturally subtle all keep the marriage alive and breathing. What ways do you show your female flair to your husband?

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