Husband Doesn't Care If I Leave Him: My Husband Says He Doesn't Care If I Stay or Leave

Does your once happy marriage seem to be falling apart? No matter what you do, nothing seems to be helping? Many couples struggle with this problem. The good news is that most of these couples are able to solve their marital problems, and go on to have a happy marriage again. Here are three ways to do just that.

1. You don't have to win every argument.

Since marriages are a union of two people, arguments happen. Two people, no matter how much they love each other, simply cannot agree all of the time. If you are the spouse who has to win every argument, take a step back. Some things can be let go. Everyone has their own opinion of things and situations. What you may see as 'right', your spouse may see as 'wrong'.

Sometimes there is no right or wrong, only a different way of thinking. When you learn to see things through your spouses eyes, you will find that you are having less and less arguments. The 'need' to win an argument will cease, because you know that you both can be right about different things. When you are able to see this, then most of your arguments will be cut short, leaving most of the damaging words left unspoken.

2. Every successful relationship has limits.

Just as families set 'house rules' with their kids, there should be 'house rules' in your marriage. There are things that are acceptable in marriages, and then there are things that are not. Let me explain... It is OK when the two of you may not agree, but can come up with a way to compromise.

It is NOT OK for you to have a disagreement, and then fight about it until one of you gives in. All this will do is to make one spouse have power over the other, and results in an ongoing power struggle. You are in a marriage, not a tug-of-war! the two of you are equals - you are in a partnership. Partnerships never have one partner taking control over the other. It never works.

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It is also not acceptable for one spouse to abuse the other, either physically or mentally. Abuse is abuse, and it is best that you get out of that situation as soon as possible. You do NOT have to live that way! You are a good person, and you deserve better.

Even in an abusive relationship, however, the abuser can get help, and you can have a happy marriage again. If the abuse is a result of an alcohol or drug addiction, your spouse can get help for that, too. Once the addiction is gone, the abuse usually goes out the door with it.

3. The two of you have made a commitment to each other - keep it!

Remember back to the day you got married. The two of you vowed to spend the rest of your lives together. You committed yourselves to each other, through thick and thin. If you find that your marriage isn't what you want it to be, then it is up to you to find out why and to fix it. When you want to know how to fix a broken marriage, it is best that you and your spouse work together. If only you want to fix it, you can still save your marriage.

When you learn to see things through your spouse's eyes, and understand that you or your spouse can't always be right, you will soon see your marriage start to change for the better. When you set 'ground rules' in your marriage, then lines won't be crossed. You will both know the other's limits, and will work on not pushing those limits.

These steps will keep most arguments at bay, and will decrease the seriousness of the ones that occur. Fixing a broken marriage isn't that hard to do, but you have to decide that you really want to. If you go into it half-heartedly, you will get half-hearted results.

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You would like to set everything in your marriage straight but then you lack the information about how to fix a marriage that could set you free from the chains of constant worrying and fretting? Do not lose hope. It is so providential that you have landed on this piece of writing. This only means that you will really need to know more about how you can start fixing your marriage with your husband. Read this article from top to bottom and you will surely find the answers to the questions that you have been looking for.

1. Watch What You Say

To fix a marriage, you will have to know what you need to say. Be careful with your words as they can be sometimes very hurtful for one who is grieving or pained. Say, your husband is upset about the impending failure of your marriage; you must be extra sensitive to what you are going to tell him. That way, you avoid creating more problems for you and the relationship.

You may disclose to him your sentiments about the marriage but then make sure you follow it up by saying you are prepared to hold on to your union because you know that you both love each other so much. Tell him how he has hurt you in the past and how you are prepared to wait for him to change and wipe away all those hurts. In the same manner that you have realized as well your own faults and shortcomings and that you are taking steps to address them to fix your marriage.

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2. Give It Quality Time

Were you giving your marriage the quality time and attention it needs before it reached the point of crisis? Perhaps not. More often than not, couples find themselves in the middle of a failing marriage for simply not having enough time to spend with their spouses. What is worse is, they are totally clueless about how to fix a marriage.

Maybe you are neglecting your role as a wife to your husband or vice versa? That should never be the case for any couple that is married. You see, if there are two things that you can never retrieve in this world - they will only have to be "words" and "time". So it is really necessary that you use them wisely.

3. Practice Selflessness

Keep in mind that when you enter the sacrament of matrimony, you are no longer one but two - two beings brought together to become just one soul. Therefore, it only goes to say that you should be selfless and instead think of your spouse at all times. Not too many married couples realize this very essential point in marriage. No wonder there are constant fights, never-ending misunderstandings as well as countless of issues and hurdles in their marriage. Do not forget that to fix a marriage, you will need to be selfless and more giving instead of always thinking of yourself. This is actually the most powerful and proven effective secret of how to fix a marriage, make it work and make it last a lifetime!

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Most people believe that the wide road to the divorce court is the best path to tread when they are having a tough time with their marriage. I hate divorce, I must tell you. I hate to see once happy relationships ending in the courts. With this in mind, there are four smart ways to keep divorce out of your marriage and save your marriage from the common problems that plague our homes today. If you want to keep your marriage free from the demon call divorce, you must start by committing your marriage into the hands of God who knows and sees many things.

Here are four smart ways to help you keep divorce out of your marriage and have a happy and successful life together with the one you truly love.

First off, you need to know that there is no such thing as a perfect marriage. What we call a perfect marriage was created by two imperfect individuals who have decided to become together to become one. What do you expect from such union? Your resolve to put in your best no matter the troubles will go a long way to keep your marriage from breaking up. Healthy relationships are not conflict-free but conflict-resolving. You must learn and develop the ability to resolve every issue that spring up in your marriage in a healthy and respectful manner. With the right attitude, you will make your marriage the pride of your community. This is what you must always strive for and save your marriage from the demon.

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Second, do not allow every Tom, Dick and Helen to have a big say in your marriage. Most of us consider divorce because of other people's doom and gloom. Have enough faith in your own perfect judgment after you have prayed over an issue for some days to make your own decisions. Your God will supply all your needs and give you the wisdom to take the right decision for the overall happiness of everyone.

The third way is to learn to compromise. Learn this skill and you will be able to save your marriage. Do not always toe the hard line. Know that many of us lie, with a view to protecting the marriage. Learn to accept the middle ground that will be in the best interest of the marriage and subordinate your individual pride. Marriage is about compromise and the ability to give and accept love and wrongdoing. With the right communication skill, you can turn a bad situation into a happy one for everybody.

Fourthly, marriage is all about your resolve to make it last. Just the way you will care and tend your beautiful garden and remove weeds every now and then, you must be prepared to care and tend your marriage and remove every weeds that may stifle the growth and happiness you desire. No one will do it for you. Don't say you are fed up with your marriage because of an affair or betrayal of trust or strange behavior of your spouse; you must work to remove the causes of the problem. I am sure you cannot use a knife and cut of your right hand, so why are you contemplating divorce when the two of you have long become one person?

Couples can love one another and yet find themselves drifting apart and headed for a divorce. There are steps you can take, with or without the aid of your spouse to get your marriage back into the loving place it once was.

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What men want in a woman is something that even surpasses communication in terms of importance in a relationship. That of course is a connection. There is no point being able to talk with your woman if she isn't on the same wavelength as you. No matter how much you say, no matter the angle you explore with your woman, if she doesn't "get" you, you won't be happy together. A connection is the first thing you need to be happy in a relationship. What sort of connection do you have with your man? Here are three common connections women do have with their men that sustain their marriage and keep both of them happy.

1. Emotional

This is something that a lot of women have and men don't have. Women might try to establish an emotional connection with their man, but if he doesn't get what the woman's talking about and is only interested in the physicality of the relationship, it might not work out for the best.

Having said this, it isn't impossible for the woman to strengthen a weak emotional connection with the man (at least it's something!). All she has to do is connect to him on an emotional level that he's comfortable on. It could be something like his career. As long as he understands how he feels, he'll feel that there's a connection.

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2. Physical

This sort of connection is pretty common in marriages. A lot of couples get married simply based on the initial buzz that comes out of finding someone that you're physically compatible with. It doesn't always work out for the long run, especially when people start getting old.

There is hope though. Some people do stay together until they're old and still find the other person attractive. That's because their physical connection is strengthened by another sort of connection, spiritual.

3. Spiritual

A spiritual connection is one of the strongest forms of connection. Now, before you go all, "a spiritual connection doesn't exist", let me ask you this: have you ever seen two people who are so close that you couldn't imagine one person existing without the other? That's when they have a spiritual connection.

You don't have to be religious to have a spiritual connection. Just accept that as long as we're on this world, we'll be able to achieve this sort of connection with you (our wife). It just takes time and patience.

What men want in a woman is someone with whom they can achieve some sort of connection. Without any connection, no matter how much you communicate, you're destined to divorce.

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