The worldwide pandemic COVID-19 has affected many people and it continues to do so to some extent. There are also those affected by the lingering effect of the symptoms. This is something that is referred to as post-viral syndrome or Long Covid. The symptoms of Long Covid also lead to depression and it is also hard to predict how long they will last. Some of the common symptoms include shortness of breath, tightness, inability to sleep, dizziness, pins & needles, depression, anxiety, diarrhea, loss of appetite, etc.

Those suffering from such symptoms also tend to report having several medical problems like lack of concentration, headaches, stiff joints, confusion, brain fog, swollen lymph nodes as well as a sore throat. Osteopathy is an alternative medicine that is pertaining to the physical manipulation of the body muscles to treat a medical condition. This has been found to be an effective method of dealing with the Long Covid symptoms. This treatment can help reduce stress and solve respiratory issues and also improve energy levels. This article provides more information on how an osteopath in Melbourne can help treat long covid.

Tips on how Osteopathy can tread long COVID symptoms

Recovering from COVID-19 is hard for a few. It is not easy for everyone to deal with fatigue, breathlessness, and frustration. Here are a few tips on how Osteopathy is the key to treating such symptoms:

  • It is important for those still recovering to take it slow and not overexert.
  • Develop a tailored exercise routine with the help of your Osteopath to get back in shape.
  • Osteopathy is a good way to provide relief to your musculoskeletal system.
  • Headaches tend to occur due to altered breathing, at the same time our neck and shoulder muscles will be overstressed due to prolonged coughing and tightened diaphragm. This type of treatment can help relax your muscles and treat your headaches.
  • Osteopaths implement various treatments to ease the symptoms. They use mobilisation techniques to help relax tense muscles, reduce stress, and improve energy levels.
  • It can help reduce your fatigue and stress.

Important facts and statistics

  • Several studies have been conducted on the effects of Osteopathy for long covid symptoms and it was found effective.
  • With 37,754 Coronavirus cases having been reported in Australia 30,735 have recovered.
  • Osteopathy works on the concept that all our body systems are interrelated.
  • Osteopathic medicine has been around for over 100 years and is effective in treating several medical conditions.
  • It is important for those recovering from Corona Virus to regain their normal activity and pay more attention to their body. An osteopathy treatment will help with this.
  • Those recovering from COVID-19 will have muscular body aches and breathing difficulties. Osteopathy treatment helps improve blood supply, lymph supply, and improve your bodily function.

Who provides Osteopathy Services?

There are several osteo clinics in Melbourne that offer Osteopathy services. In fact, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, and Physiotherapists offer similar treatments and it is often quite confusing to a layman. It is important to note that they are different. Physiotherapists focus their efforts on the area of the pain while Chiropractors will focus on dysfunctions of the spine and joints. On the other hand, the treatment of an Osteopath is based on the concept that the entire body functions as one mechanical unit. An Osteopath is someone who you might consult for issues like sporting injuries, migraines, neck pain, chronic inflammation, postural problems, digestive issues and weight management problems. A naturopath can also help with the assessment of your body and help get to the root of the problem. They can also help those suffering from long covid by bringing knee pain relief and restoring normal body functions and motion.

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