One would think that if there’s one group of people that don’t need psychotherapeutic help, that would be children. Sadly, that’s not the case, since a lot of children around the world are in need of help from a therapist. The reasons could be many and different , and you never know if the therapy would be efficient enough to treat the different problems that children have had in order to get to the point where psychotherapy (or effektive psykoterapi københavn as we say in Denmark) is necessary. Treating children is also quite difficult because of many different factors that are connected with the fact that the child’s character and behavior is very volatile and not yet completely established, as would be the case of an adult.
Psychotherapy for children is necessary especially in cases of children, who’ve had an encounter with domestic violence , molestation, rape and other forms of physical, mental or sexual abuse, or all of them together. As you can already figure out, even with the help of the best psychotherapy, it’s difficult for these children to adjust and lead a normal life afterwards.
Psychotherapists employ different methods and techniques in order to reach the children with problems, ranging from the ways they communicate with children, to the type of advice they use to convey the notion of safety to their young patients. One might think that it is an easier task to work with children, since they haven’t had years of self-reinforced problematic behavior, but that is definitely not the case.
Play therapy is often used to reach the minds of children , especially in the cases in which children aren’t really cooperative, or that is the only way to reach them. Play therapy is used both as a method for obtaining a diagnosis and as a way to alter the way children think. It is indeed, a useful tool in modifying problematic behavior in children and it is sometimes the only method that can be used.
Play therapy bases itself on a very simple truth , that was first expressed in the works of Plato , back in Ancient Greece – “you can learn more about a man from an hour of play than you can from a year of conversation” . It is a fact that a careful observer can find many behavioral patterns through simple analysis of the way a person plays a certain game – the tactics and strategies he or she uses.
Another branch of psychotherapy for children is called parent-infant psychotherapy, and it is used in case the child has severe mistrust of its parents. This could happen for various reasons, ranging from severe scolding to the parents not being the ones the child thought they were. But it can be treated by establishing a sort of a three-way connection between parents, child and therapist, which may prove beneficial for both parent and child and may make the child see his or her parents as something different from enemies. That could be very helpful, because children tend to get rebellious when they reach their teen years.

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