Depression does not only affect a person's mood. This is considered a disorder that can affect the overall health of a person, both physical and mental. Contrary to what most people think, depression or depressive behaviour is not a sign of weakness or condition that can be wished away or immediately recover from. This article talks about the signs of depression and how to know if you have it. If you are feeling the "blues" then just read on! There are treatments recommended to help a person recover from this disorder.

There are different types of depression. Understanding these types will help determine if the symptoms and treatments appropriate for the patient.

Major depression disorder. This is usually characterized by depressed mood, lack of interest in social activities, and extreme changes in weight. Patients often exhibit feelings of worthlessness and guilt and often has thoughts of death and suicide.

Bipolar disorder. This refers to an alternative cycle of mania and depression, often referred to as manic and depression episodes. The episodes can last for a short period of time, where a patient would experience the change of mood within the day. In some situations, the episodes can last for several days, weeks, and even years.

Postpartum depression. This usually occurs after pregnancy. More than just the baby blues, postpartum depression can be mild or can lead to postpartum psychosis. When left untreated, this can lead to serious consequences and sometimes death of children.

Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder. Reported as the most common and include symptoms of premenstrual syndrome.

These are just some of the common types of depression.

What are the different signs of these depressive behaviors?

- Lack of sleep or sleeping too much.

- Inability to focus or concentrate. Sometimes the person finds previous tasks difficult to perform and find themselves helpless and hopeless.

- Negative thoughts are difficult to control or avoid.

- Overeating or lack of appetite which leads to changes on weight, like changing 5% of the body weight every month.

- Ill-tempered or more aggressive compared with their usual behaviour.

- Drinking more alcohol and would often engage in reckless activities which are not usually done such as substance abuse, gambling, or overspending.

- Frequent physical pain like back and stomach pain, headaches and aching limbs and muscles.

- Lack of energy and feeling fatigued and physically drained.

- Thinking about death and suicide.

Depression is not the same among men, women, older and younger adults. Depressed men, for example, are less likely to admit feelings of hopelessness and they have higher suicide risks compared with females.

Signs and symptoms for men may be more of showing or complaints about physical tiredness, aggression, anger and violence. Women on the other hand are more likely to experience depression because of hormonal factors. Women tend to show depression through excessive sleeping and eating.

Now that you know the signs of depression. Do you think you are suffering from depression?

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