The popular “The Mozart Effect” is an inclusive term signifying the transformational power of music in health, education and well being. It represents the general use of music to reduce stress, depression, anxiety, activate the body and improve memory and awareness. The original studies were focused on only Mozart’s music and its effect on many things. It began with focus, concentration and learning and then on other purposes with infants, cows and chickens and then the research grew to include other music as well. Vibroacoustics is a defined as “the process of delivering sound vibration into and through the body”

An analogy would be that you can enjoy and benefit from music by simply hearing it, however getting the cells to feel it is exponentially better, just as much as you can enjoy seeing and smelling food but nothing compares to tasting and digesting it. That being said, in the 90’s movie, “Mr. Holland’s Opus”, the turning point of Mr. Holland’s relationship with his deaf son was when his son figured out that he could feel music his father played by sitting on the speakers if the volume was loud enough. Beethoven’s Masterpiece, 5TH Symphony was composed when he could ONLY feel the vibration of the piano because he was completely deaf. He would put the side of his face on the piano as he played to feel the sound. Beethoven also believed he could instill his emotion and intention into his music. The “Beethoven Effect” is the greater effect of music when vibration is actually FELT. According to Dr. Candice Pert, Ph.D., human cells respond instantly to sound.

In the 1970’s, it was discovered that disabled children improved on all levels when they could feel music by putting speakers into the bean bags and playing music that calmed them with slow bass tones coming from the speakers in the bean bags. Since 1995 The National Institute of Health has treated and studied 750,000 patients with vibroacoustics and shows at least a 50% improvement in pain, other physical symptoms and anxiety.
Everything has a measurable frequency or vibration. Every musical note, flower, rock, animal, bug, person, every planet in the universe, microorganism, sound, color and cell in the human body has a unique frequency. At UCLA Medical Research Hospital, scientists use an atomic microscope to determine if the sound of the cell is healthy or not. Sound from tuning forks can kill unhealthy cells in a Petri dish; such as cancer.

Now that we have the ability to put sustained perfect frequencies into our bodies, via digital technology, we can treat our “OUT OF TUNE” cells with Medical Music. It sounds too good to be true and I am sure those of us “Addicted to Logic and Reason” will not understand nor accept this. Although allopathic and chemical medicine is sometimes the best and only solution to many things, it is not the only or best way to truly heal the symptom or the cause. Even the Pharmaceutical Giants are hurrying to patent sound and light frequencies as they realize the immense power sound and light have on all biology; plant, insect and human. For example, sound is being used to double the growth rate of crops and totally eliminate the need for pesticides. Science is using sound technology for everything from forecasting the weather to weapons of mass destruction.

Since 1/3 of our brainstem is devoted to vibro tactile stimulation, receiving sound throughout our whole body greatly increases its effectiveness. What type of music we listen to is a double edge sword considering some of the types of music we listen to on our iPods or stereos. It is possible that the deterioration of music is directly related to the deterioration of society. The Chinese believe that the planetary tones used in China for thousands of years to tune their musical instruments is what kept the great civilizations of its rich past in tack for so long.


Most of us have the ability to begin to incorporate vibroacustics and neoroacoustics into our self care home treatment programs. Unlike health supplements that need to replaced endlessly, once you purchase the medical music, the music it is yours forever to use and share. The majority of us have CD players with speakers or headphones and the ability to purchase CDs online. With these items you can begin your vibroacoustic journey. A list of vibroacoustic composers and products are readily available using your internet search engine.
The products are available at a range of prices levels which will fit the household budget. Everything from tuning forks at an average investment of $40 to a $2,000 sound bed or chair. It is possible to make these devices yourself if you are that type of person. There are how-to models of all types.

Because sound travels faster through water and deeper through the skin, I will soon be trying a transducer that can go into the bathtub. However, until you know that I have actually survived my research without severe consequences, I wouldn’t try this yourself. The vibroacoustic bathtub is $10,000 but the transducer is only $500 and sometimes cheaper is not better. My husband, an insurance agent, just added accidental death to my existing policy.


In 1998, The National Institute of Health presented its findings; a 65% reduction is pain and anxiety in all individuals studied. Not bad. No “Side Effects” were found. These figures would put BIG PHARM in the red if individuals adopted them in their home health care programs, so there was not much of a fuss about these astounding initial results disclosed in news reports.

With the refinement of binaural beats and brain entrainment through sound, it just gets better and better. Tactical stimulation with healing frequencies has been refined to such precision that you can determine with a 3 second voice recording exactly what frequency you need to get your body to produce its own B12. Now you are able to treat yourself with a frequency of light or sound; available at minimal or in some cases, no cost.


I recently visited the spa convention in Las Vegas and I was pleased to see two manufacturers of “sound massage tables” displaying the latest technology. I am bringing three of my sound beds to the 2010 “Energy Psychology” conference in San Diego in June of this year to demonstrate incorporating the use of tuning forks while the individual is on the vibroacustic bed as a way to enhance an already highly effective therapy.
In the 6 months that I have combined these therapies, EFT with tuning forks and vibroacustic bed treatments, I have witnessed so many astounding results that I have now devoted all of my time to research in vibroacustics. I chose to participate in the Energy Psychology Conference in San Diego rather than take a long overdue vacation.

One example of the effects of vibroacoustics was shown in the X- rays of a young girl with scoliosis: after two treatments on the vibroacustic bed the condition was reversed. There is research reflecting 80% improvement in autism, and remarkable improvements with many high blood pressure patients. I would continue on but I would simply sound like I was making this all up. Armed with your search engine and your curiosity, I implore you to Google the magic word “vibroacoustic”, with research on the disease of your choice and be prepared to be amazed.

There are two components to consider when and if you decide to incorporate this into your health care. One is the content, or healing sound frequencies, and the other is the actual device you choose to deliver the sound into the body. Sound pads, tables, chairs and pillows are only a few. I have found all composers the of medical music and product manufactures in the industry to be very reputable and a list of some of them are listed below. The only contraindications I have been able to find are to avoid treating those with pacemakers, psychosis and those who are pregnant. This precaution should be taken for legal purposes.

The most important aspect of vibroacustics is that it is an extremely enjoyable experience: one rarely found in the health care industry.

Author's Bio: 

Regina Murphy is an Approved Provider for NCBTMB, and Author of Emotional Sound Techniques