The majority of Congress claim to be Protestant, but they failed to protest the pope’s visit when he has no business promoting Sunday [Laudato Si’] as a means to help US economy reduce greenhouse gases. If his economic ideas were so good, why are so many millions of his people wanting to come to US for better opportunities?

And It would be far better for health, economy and greenhouse gases to promote plant-based diets to reverse disease. They cost less and do not use up the natural resources that animal foods do. For every 100 calories that livestock consume, they return 4 calories with risks of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis and other chronic disease from cholesterol and fat.

But since the pope came, here’s a biblical view that US pioneers saw. They recognized the sea beast of Revelation 13:1,2 as the papacy that they fled from the Old World. Its description of mouth like a lion, feet like a bear, looking like a leopard with a total of seven heads and 10 horns fit those beasts from Daniel 7--beasts that papacy survived.

The description in Daniel 7 was a little horn that grew out of the fourth (Roman) empire, and the Protestant reformers all believed that was the papacy that persecuted the saints and changed the times (calendar) and laws (if we compare a catechism with the Ten Commandments we discover they got rid of the 2nd Commandment on images, changed the 4th (Sabbath to Sunday) and divided the 10th into two so they still have 10.

Revelation 13 is clear that the dragon (devil in Rev 12) gave the papacy its power and authority. The deadly wound was the Protestant reformation, Rev 13:3, but it healed. As Lutherans held joint communion with the papacy a year ago, this prophecy has proven accurate over a 2000 year span--amazing.

Then comes the land beast. Sea means multitudes, nations & tongues in Rev 17:15--old world. Land beast is the opposite--depopulated New World where pioneers came.

This 2nd beast has two horns, but no crowns like the previous beast--a government without a king and a church without a pope--Protestant America. It brings fire from heaven like Hiroshima and causes the world to make a image--a look alike to the previous papal beast. The UN with New World Order is the image or look-like to the Old World Order of papacy when millions died for their faith.

It will happen again as clued by the force false worship when no one can buy or sell without the mark or number proving their compliance in Revelation 13:14-18 and 666 is the total of Roman Numerals on the pope’s crown, VICARIUS FILII DEI. (Google)

The pope will ride the beast of New World Order as shown by half a dozen clues in Revelation 17 that can only fit the papacy as the Mother of Harlots. Rome is the mother church of others who are unfaithful like the papacy and they no longer protest her.

This is proven by a majority of the US Congress that receive the pope who is against our Constitution that forbids laws respecting a religious institution like Sunday is

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Dr Richard Ruhling is an author on current events and Bible prophecy. His books on Amazon include healthcare which is not medical care since Rx drugs are a leading cause of illness and death