Many people don’t believe in the efficiency of family therapy and consider it an additional waste of money. It is quite puzzling how some people would say that they need the money for a lawyer to finalize a divorce, and they don’t even consider family therapy (we Danes use the term effektive psykoterapi københavn) as an option. Sometimes there are such cases, but in most of the times , couples have had a single argument and let it consume and ruin their entire marriage. Lots of these marriages can be saved if one decides to even try family therapy, and his or her significant other agrees.
Family therapy has first been developed in the years after World War II , and has become more significant with the years that passed since then. It was brought to the attention of psychotherapists that in order to treat the problems of an individual person , sometimes you would have to understand and try to alter the person he shares a home with. Sometimes broken communication can be fixed, and it is the desire of every family therapist or counselor to establish just that.
People who visit family therapists are not only couples, but it is true that the most common case in which people would visit a family therapist is if they’re experiencing problems with their marriage – when arguments begin emerging way too often and obstruct the couple’s way to mutual happiness.
Origins of such arguments can be traced to lots of different things, but the initial reasons aren’t that vital or essential. Even though they can give the therapist some information to work with, they’re not important in particular – what seems to be vital when practicing family therapy is to attempt to narrow the gap between the conflicting people by letting them prioritize their marriage higher than certain non-essential things.
Teaching the couple how to be tolerant of each other’s faults is also a very important aspect of such therapy, as it is the only way to prevent further arguments and hassles. Tolerance and respect are big issue, and sadly it takes a lot of effort from the side of the psychotherapist to provoke his patients to value respect in their own relationship.
As a potential client, you must understand that your psychotherapist is not your personal King Solomon, and even though particular details might help him understand the reason behind your problems sometimes, he’s not there to make a decision instead of you like a judge.
Instead, your family therapist will likely attempt to use methods of veritable psychological validity, most often of the cognitive-behavioral approach, to try and teach you how to face each other without trying to look for flaws and inconsistencies, to value each other as people and not to examine each other like stock. Once you learn how to do that, most of your problems will likely diminish – the key is to entrust yourself to your therapist, and let him or her be the one to influence your perception of the world and your significant other.

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