…Step right into 2012 with the anticipation and excitement of participating in a fantastic new adventure, for that is exactly what is in store for you. A new year…a new beginning…I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but never have you been given an opportunity to make amazing changes for the better than you are being given right now.

According to the Mayan calendar, the world ends in December, 2012. Some may actually believe this will happen, but many others, including myself, believe it simply means the world as we know it will end. Just think about that for a moment. We are actually on the verge of creating an entirely new world! We know that the world as we presently know it is not working, so change must happen, and it will have to be a major overhaul if we want something better.

Change is simply movement and it is always present with or without your consent, so it is expected in any life.
Flowing with the movement of change makes it much easier than resisting what is inevitable.

You might be thinking that changing the world is an impossible task – after all, you’re only one person so what can you do? The beautiful thing is this: As one person changes, the whole world can change. So to change the world, it requires individuals, like you and me, to make desired changes in our personal life. As one person changes, it forces others to change in response to that change, and soon we have the energy in motion for change to happen for the good of all, spreading throughout our world.

How do you change things in your life so that the world can then improve? It all begins with your thoughts. Your thoughts create every single aspect of your life experiences, and if you think from a negative space, you create a lot of negative experiences. However, positive thoughts create positive outcomes. That space in your head where your mind resides is the core creator for how your life turns out! But rather than continue to listen to your ego, (which is probably responsible for where you presently are) listen to your spirit which offers you truth. Much of the change to be experienced right now will be coming from the inside out, for it’s the heart that allows the dynamics of change to happen, and where you can find what’s real and authentic.

So have you thought about what you’d like in your life this year? What would your ideal life look and feel like? Until you figure this out the universe cannot bring it to you, so your task right now is to decide what it is you’d like to experience in 2012. Sit quietly, in a meditative state, and let your spirit guide you with what you really want in your life. This is a year in which you can create something new and better. And when you place the desire out into the universe, which includes God (Higher Power), you must let that desire spin away from your hands that are trying to control how it happens, letting God and the universe take over. That’s the hardest part for most individuals – completely letting go of controlling the details for the manifestation process.

So begin right now making your list – yes, you need to write it down. You could even call it your New Year’s resolutions. Decide what you want to accomplish this year and what you’d like to create. Do you want more income or a better job, or maybe just get a job? Are you wanting a soulmate relationship or healing in other relationships? Do you have a health concern and desire answers and healing? Do you dream of owning your own home or moving to a different house, or purchasing a newer, more reliable vehicle? Do you want to open a new business, or begin living your purpose for being on this earth? Is happiness or peacefulness on your dream list? Whatever it is, write it down, and remember to dream big! Nothing is too big or too impossible to obtain if you truly believe you can create it. Embed this phrase in your mind forever: If you believe you can, or you believe you can’t, you are right! So the power is in your mind to create the year ahead, according to what you think and believe.

2012 is a year of major changes; we all know this. We’ve been seeing change in process for some time, but it’s as if everything will be coming to a head this year. So many things have been coming to the surface and much corruption has been revealed, yet at the same time truth shines its light. It’s been said many times that the truth always comes out eventually. Politics dominate the news and this will be one of the most important elections in our lifetime. It’s time to dig deeper into our personal truth so we can make wiser choices that propel us forward into empowered living.

Resistance often surfaces when change is in the works because people by in large don’t like change. Sometimes changes aren’t easy, yet they always promise a new birth and growth. When changes appear, it is important to focus on what you will gain rather than what you will lose. In the long run, whatever is lost no longer serves any benefit to you anyway, so that makes all of the changes a positive influence, provided of course you are able to see the positive.

Some of us have gone through major shifts over the last few years. We’ve had to let go of many things including relationships that no longer serve our good, and more of this is bound to come this year. I look at this as a time of great transformation, which is sorely needed in our lives, our country and our world. With transformation comes growth and expansion, both positive, although the initial happenings may seem negative as things around us change, disintegrate and dissipate. Many people are now seeking something more meaningful is their life; they have discovered that something is missing and they feel it in their soul. Individuals are looking for a purpose to their life, a way to serve others, for that is where complete satisfaction and fulfillment occurs.

Do you know what your purpose is for this life? Why you are here in the first place? What you are meant to give to others and contribute to this world? Life isn’t simply an existence, it is meant to be an adventurous spiritual journey of growth and expansion. While you are here to enjoy this wonderful journey, you are also here to contribute something of value from which others can benefit. What if you viewed your life as this: a spiritual journey of enjoyment and importance for your growth and the benefit of others? Wouldn’t that shift your perception of your life right now? Wouldn’t that help you create something new and better for 2012?

You’re at the launching pad right now. What will you launch for 2012? Now is the time to prepare and get ready for what you want to launch. It has nothing to do with what you see in your surroundings or environment. It has nothing to do with the struggles in your life at this moment. It has nothing to do with any situation you are experiencing right now. It only has to do with what you want to create. If you only use your mind, you may see stumbling blocks and impossibilities. However, if you go into your heart and allow your spirit to speak, you’ll understand that everything is possible and you can create a wonderful 2012. Now it doesn’t mean everything will be favorable immediately, for change takes time. However, it does mean that if you focus on what you truly desire and believe is possible, it will show up when the timing is right, and it will be what you want or even better.

One of the greatest examples of nonresistance and focus in our time is Gandhi. During the most controversial stage of his protests, Gandhi was approached by an English official who told him that although he was sorry, he had to arrest him. With complete calm and certainty, Gandhi replied that he was not sorry at all.

They did lock him up, yet he did not react with anger or indignation. When people asked how he could remain calm, he said it was because he would not allow anyone to walk through his mind with their dirty feet. He believed that other people’s actions belonged to them, not him. He stayed his course, focused on his goals, and did not let himself get hooked by reactions that could have derailed him. As a result, he ultimately changed not only his own experience, but the entire world’s.

I don’t know about you, but I am ready for change in many areas of my life. After all, change is dynamic, and with it always comes growth and expansion - movement. Without change and transformation, life becomes stagnant, unproductive, and growth is not seen or experienced. That is a life lived by default – void of excitement and new adventures, and without the use of your inborn power to create your desires.

Get ready, get set, to launch a most wonderful year of change in your life. Create it the way you want to live it by using the power of your thoughts. Always focus on that dream and feel what it’s like to live it, for that focus and feeling is what manifests it into reality, along with a little patience and surrender! Go for it!

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Carolyn Porter is an internationally known speaker, author of multiple books and audios that include "The Realness of a Woman, " "Healing with Color" and "Adrenal Fatigue," spiritual wholeness coach, trainer and angel channel whose passion is helping individuals move beyond their limitations and help them see they can do and be what they can envision. She is owner of a healing center called Where Miracles Happen in Cumming, GA, and offers life and health coaching, angel sessions, self-publishing coaching, energy healing QRA Testing, Bemer 3000 sessions, classes, certified trainings and much more. For more information or to order her books visit her website at www.wheremiracleshappen.com.