Gout explained

This form of arthritis consists of painful joints caused by swelling, tenderness and inflammation, it is chronic in character but occurs in sudden and acute attacks [meaning that you always have it but it does not hurt all the time]. Before modernization and social reform this condition was known as a disease of the wealthy due to the strong connection between food and gout. In this modern time gout has become more commonplace as there is less disparity between the foods eaten both by the rich and the poor.

Men [mainly middle-aged] are more prone to this form of arthritis than women, though post-menopausal women are also susceptible. These are not hard and fast rules as this condition has become a lot more common and almost anyone can be afflicted by this very painful condition.

Causes of gout

  • lack of exercise
  • consumption of too much alcohol - especially beer
  • stress - this plays havoc with our health at the best of times
  • heredity - 20% chance of developing gout if your parents had it
  • regular consumption of these foods - red meat, internal organs, yeast, and oily fish
  • excessive uric acid - a end product normally excreted via the kidneys which can build up in the joints
  • medical conditions - such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and narrowing of the arteries, if these conditions are not treated appropriately they could contribute to the development of gout
  • certain drugs - diuretics as used for high blood pressure can cause a increase in uric acid as could low dose aspirin and anti-rejection drugs

Different home remedies/cures for gout

  • Cherries [sweet or sour] - considered pretty effective, a patient needs to start with eating 20 to 25 cherries per day till the pain subsides and then stay on a maintenance diet of these cherries [about 10 per day] to keep the condition under control. Canned cherries can be used now and then [if no fresh ones are available] but fresh are best.
  • Vegetable juices - combining raw carrot [300ml], beet [100ml] and cucumber [100ml] juice is particularly helpful with treating this condition and needs to be taken daily.
  • French beans - the juice of this vegetable has been found effective in the treatment of this painful affliction, 150ml needs to be taken daily
  • Apples - the malic acid found in these fruits assists with neutralizing uric acid, which in turn relieves the pain suffered during a gout episode. Eating a apple after every meal is advised here.
  • Banana - found beneficial in providing some relief, it is advised that the patient go on a banana only diet for 3 to 4 days [9 bananas a day]. Remember eat nothing else during this time but keep up your allowed fluid intake
  • Lime - the juice of 1/2 a lime should be taken twice a day. The vitamin c, found in the lime, can prevent and cure sore joints by means of strengthening the connective tissue and the citric acid acts as a solvent against uric acid.

External gout treatments

  • Epsom salt foot baths and baths - soak your feet twice a day in tolerable hot water with about 250 to 500 mg's of these salts. Take a full salt bath at least twice a week as well.
  • Cold packs - applied to the affected area at night are beneficial.
  • Elevate the affected joint and try to keep your weight off it [by using a crutch if its your big toe]

Remember - while any or all of the above remedies will help control the problem, it is still very important to listen to what your doctor advises and to keep him informed of any changes.

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