What are the mediums/tools used in Black-Magic?
The most important factor in black magic is the medium. Anything which is related to that person is needed to perform black magic. Some important things which are necessary those are listed below.

Photo of the intended person
Hair of the targeted person
By a piece of cloth of the targeted person you can do black magic.
Name of the person
Magic doll.

How Black magic process works for problem solving?
According to black magic specialist, this process is very tough that is carried out under very special circumstances. It requires a black magic expert to perform this. But few people can do it by taking the help of a black magic specialist baba ji. The working process of black-magic listed below.

Consider the outcome you want to bring about.
Know the basics of a black magic ritual.
Understand the curses and the hexes.
Place the Hex.
Perform the rituals.

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Sri tulasi is an eminent astrologer