Your office should be a safe place to work for everyone, and doing everything that is necessary to keep yourself and your staff members out of harm’s way can help ensure a more harmonious and productive work environment. Here are some of the key things that you can do to help prevent health problems from developing in the office.

Eliminate Safety Hazards

Many safety hazards could be making your office a more dangerous place to work without you realizing it. Faulty electrical and plumbing systems can pose certain risks that put your office and staff in harm’s way, and hiring qualified electricians and plumbers to perform inspections and any needed repairs or upgrades can help you avoid hazards. Slips, trips and falls can be avoided by cleaning up all spills quickly, addressing electrical cords and other items that could pose tripping hazards, and securing loose rugs or carpet. Fans, space heaters and other pieces of equipment that your staff uses that could start fires should be approved for commercial use and have mechanisms that automatically turn them off if these items fall over so that they don’t continue to run.

Limit Junk Food

Some of your staff members may insist on bringing unhealthy treats to snack on throughout the day, but you can still encourage better eating at work by bringing in some healthy snacks. Healthier eating on the job can help increase productivity while reducing the risks for obesity and other health problems that could be detrimental to your employees. Examples of healthy snacks for work include baked veggie chips, string cheese and spiced cashews, according to Green smoothies, chia pudding and homemade protein bars can also be prepared by you and brought in for your staff to enjoy. Fruit and yogurt can give everyone an additional dose of vitamins and antioxidants to promote better health. Nuts covered in dark chocolate can be a healthier alternative for any staff member who has a sweet tooth.

Minimize Eye Strain

Working on a computer and poor lighting are just a couple of factors that can cause eye strain and decrease vision over time. To minimize eye strain, make sure that you have enough lighting in your office without it being glaring. Incandescent light bulbs are known to be easier on the eyes and emit less blue light. Keeping your blinds closed and minimizing overhead light can also reduce eye strain on days when outdoor sunlight is intense. Another trick is to position all computer monitors so that they’re slightly below eye level, as this can reduce screen glare and make font size look larger so that the eyes won’t have to strain as much to read text on the computer screen.

Clean Regularly

One of the easiest ways to maintain a safe office is to have it cleaned regularly to remove the germs and viruses that pose health hazards. When cleaning, it is important not to overlook computer keyboards, monitors and office furniture that often get neglected. Plantronics headset or similar devices that your office may have should be cleaned regularly as well with safe cleaning supplies that won’t damage them. There are green professional cleaning companies that use eco-friendly cleaning products to sanitize workspaces thoroughly without causing harm to the environment. It’s also good to have your air ducts cleaned at least once every three to five years to ensure that cleaner air circulates throughout your office.

Get Ergonomic Furniture

Ergonomic furniture is designed to enforce good posture naturally, and getting this type of furniture for your office can be an excellent investment. There are office chairs, computer keyboard trays and monitors on the market that are ergonomically designed to keep the body in better alignment and reduce strain on the neck, back, arms and other parts of the body that often experience undue strain while working. If your budget doesn’t allow you to purchase ergonomic furniture at this time, you can still ensure better ergonomics for your staff by making sure that keyboards are positioned so that the arms are at a 90-degree angle while typing and encouraging your staff to sit straight while working.

No one’s health should be jeopardized at work, and you can make your office a healthier and safer environment for everyone with the right modifications. Making these changes can benefit your staff and may also help increase your business’s operations.

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