If you want to be a man that everyone respects, there are certain criteria’s that you have to meet. In this article I will explain to you what is needed in order to be a man that people respect.

To be a man you need confidence

Confidence is a very manly trait and if you want to be a true man you need it. Confidence is like an acquired taste so it’s best to fake it until you make it. The best way to achieve it is by going out and working on it. Make a goal to do 5 things a week that test your confidence. For example, hit on a girl and get her phone number. Keep doing this and you will surely boost your confidence.

Have a backbone

In order to be a man you must have a backbone, only weak men don’t have backbones. This is something you also have to work on. A great way to practice this to gain strength is by saying “NO.” It is hard for weak men to say no genuinely. It will be hard for you to say no in the beginning but after a while you won’t even second guess it. If your friend wants you to do something you don’t want to, just say NO, period. Practice this and in a couple months you will be a much stronger person.

To be a man is to not gossip

Trust me, it is very unbecoming of a man to gossip. Gossiping is something females do, so cut it out. Can you imagine James Bond gossiping and chuckling like a clown? If you are gossiping, you are not busy enough creating a great life for yourself. Solution: work on something great, like creating a business. Creating and running a business is a very manly thing to do because it requires many traits.

Create a business

As I was saying, it takes a man with a large pair to run a business. It requires risk and hard work and many other traits that great men need, like having a backbone. A backbone is need in order to put your employees in line if needed. Another trait needed is leadership, you need to be a leader if you are going to be successful in business.


To be a man is to be a leader. Have you met a great man that wasn’t a leader? Not me. Leadership is very important, and if you don’t have it you should develop it. Don’t fret to hard because there are lots of resources out there that you can use to improve your leadership skills. It is possible as I myself was not a natural born leader. I had to improve myself in many ways to become one.


Work on these 5 things I talk about and you will be a man. It is not easy, but as they say, nothing worth it ever comes easy, so get to it!

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Torsi is a professional blogger.