You can do this activation exercise daily and after two or three weeks you can feel a subtle change
in your energy. The kundalini system becomes mildly activated and the time has come to learn a
new spiritual exercise for the next step in your spiritual development.
If for one way or another activation exercises don’t feel good, stop it or slow down the intensity of
your activation meditations and give more emphasis on the cool-down part.
If you have the feeling your spiritual development is going too fast give yourself a break, do not
meditate for a couple of days, go out for a long walk or swim so your body can again stabilize itself.
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A Word of Caution
While it is exciting to experience the phenomena associated with Kundalini awakening, that is not
the goal. It is awesome to have mystical experiences, to witness flashing lights, have visions and
hear music, bells, drums, and bees, for example, but rather meaningless in the scheme of things. The
phenomena can actually create ego fascination, which is detrimental to your spiritual health and
should be avoided at all costs.
The purpose of Kundalini awakening is to give us the ultimate knowledge and power. The aim of Tantra is
to awaken and control this latent, mysterious force. The awakening is the "easiest" part because it is
just the start. Then the real work begins! This "gift" can be just as easily taken from us or can cause
havoc in one who is not prepared or conditioned to receive and maintain this powerful force.
Kundalini cannot be manipulated without incurring some risks. She is "high maintenance" and is
not recommended for the frivolous or curious. Hence, the admonition is to find an initiated master
if possible, and commit yourself to spiritual practices and meditate daily.

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Sri Tulasi is a professional astrologer, life coach and member of the Indian Astrologers Council. She has more than 15 years of practical experience in astrology.