Every girl desires for healthy, lovely and curled eyelashes. However, it is not possible because of factors like substandard makeup and eyelash disorders. Despite what's the reason behind your sleek eyelashes, it affects the overall beauty of your eyes and face. Mascara, eyeliner, lash curler, and extensions are being used to attain thicker and curled eyelashes.

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to have the perfectly curled eyelashes even after applying eye makeup. Just like your hair, the health of your eyelashes is also very important. As long as your lashes are healthy, you'll be able to have your engaging and curled eyelashes. Lashes begin to fall off because of numerous medical conditions like:

• Stye

It is an eyelash disorder which is caused by a certain microorganism. Basically, it's caused by the production of oil glands and sweat glands. As a result of which, lashes become too weak to fall off. However, it's suggested to use heat compresses multiple times every day. This condition doesn’t last longer than a certain time period. However, the lash injury persists. Lilash Serum strengthens your lash hair and will increase its ability to fight against infections.

• Chalazion

It is a lump on your lashes that is caused because of the inefficiency of the oil glands. It's a quite embarrassing and painful infection. That’s why a surgery is usually recommended to eliminate this issue. Antibiotics do facilitate in reducing pain and swelling. However, complete healing can take a lot of time.

• Blepharitis

Blepharitis could be a quite common eyelash infection, particularly in kids. It always happens close to the bottom of eyelashes and may cause severe skin sensation, burning, redness or maybe stinging. Antibiotic eye ointments cut back the sensitivity of downside, however, a correct medication is also necessary.

• Meibomianitis

It is usually termed as posterior inflammation that is caused by the preventative of oil glands. Meibomianitis seriously effects your lash health. As eyelids become crusty and scaly thus, it's necessary to consult a doctor relating to this matter.

One can’t have thick and gorgeous lashes because of the above-mentioned infections. it is suggested to take care of your lashes on daily basis rather than worrying about the eyelash disorder. A correct eye and lash care routine should be followed in order to eliminate the chance of microorganism and flora infections:

1. Remove your makeup before getting to bed.

2. Remove dust particles with a lash comb to avoid skin sensation and redness.

3. Don’t rub your eyes, you can simply wash your eyes with cold water.

4. Condition your lashes with Lilash Librow to keep them healthy and clean.

5. Avoid wearing artificial eyelashes.

6. You can use castor oil to nourish your lashes properly.

7. Apply Lilash Eyebrow Serum in order to increase the beauty of your eyebrows.

Be beautiful with immensely thick and shiny eyelashes by following the aforementioned tips. A little care not only makes you beautiful but also prevents from further issues.

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