I Miss My Separated Husband So Much: Helpful Tips For When You're Miserable During The Trial Separation

Have you come to the point where you feel like you can't live without your partner? Do you want to know all the top tips to get your husband back before it is too late?

Someone close to me was in the same position and knew I had experience in this field. They contacted me and I devised a short plan for them to get back together.

Within 4 weeks she had managed to get her husband back and they have been together for over a year now. This plan really does work!

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1. The first thing you need to do is establish your feelings. Let your partner know exactly how you feel about them and exactly how much you want this relationship to work.

2. Once you have done this you need to explain to them that you will find it too hard meeting up or having contact on a regular basis. If you contact them regularly, you are allowing them to get over you without actually losing you, the only one in pain will be you!

3. Make sure you implement the two above steps correctly and allow them to make the decision. By doing so you are allowing them the respect that they deserve and this will most likely work in your favor.

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When you agreed to be bound by the sanctity of marriage, you also agreed to overcome whatever may happen along the way as you go through your life with the person you chose to be with. Marriage isn't just about being with the person that you love for the rest of your life. It's also being able to cope with everything that may be thrown at you as part of the challenges in a married couple's life. Moreover, you are expected to accept whatever your spouse's incapacities or weaknesses are. But sometimes there is a reality check where you'll be surprised more to find out new and different things about your spouse that you weren't aware of before.

It isn't that your spouse is hiding something or just keeping their cards close to their chest, but it is very normal to be surprised when learning new things from your other half when you live together. Life with the person you love will surely feel like heaven. However, life isn't just all about sweet and easy things. Along your journey as a couple you will meet a lot of issues and problems. You should be prepared for this to happen. One good attitude that you may have in solving marital issues is your willingness to find help. Humbling yourself to seek help in saving your marriage is your best weapon as you will be determined to solve the issues. When there is willingness it means there is still love and when love is there everything is possible.

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You need to find out what the problems are. Finding resolution to these problems means to find the root cause of these problems. Identifying the roots of the problems will give you easier way in solving whatever the issues are. Being open and modest will surely get you where you need and want to be. You should have an open mind and heart. In order for you to be open you need to let go of pride. Being proud will not get you anywhere especially if you are trying to resolve the problems. So, you'll be able to find the absolute answers to your questions you need to have a humble heart and a prudent mind.

Listen to your spouse's needs. Sometimes feeling like they are being taken for granted is what commonly causes marital problems. You need to let your spouse know that you need him/her. You need each other. Probably, you are missing out with sweet gestures and thoughts. Or you might have forgotten to say I love you to your spouse once in a while. These three words are very powerful that it can melt even the strongest and proudest heart. Talk to your spouse. There might be some issues going on in the office or anywhere else that he/she just needs someone to vent it all out. You aren't just their spouse but you should also be his partner, confidant and best friend. You can get help to save your marriage.

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As a relationship coach one of the issues that I work on the most with clients is love and marriage. So many people feel that they are in a bad relationship and missing out on what life has to offer because they no-longer feel the same passion and excitement towards their partner as they did years ago when they first met.

They wonder whether they should leave the relationship and move on and come to me for the answer.

The client first needs to know that no-one knows what is right for them as well as they do themselves. They need to search their souls and work out what it is they are looking for. I get to know my client by asking many probing questions and through this get the search started. I then help the client find his or her own answers.

Provided that the client is not being abused in any way in nearly al cases what I find is hat the client is worried because they don't have the same physical response to their partner as they first did and no-longer see him as perfect. This is completely normal.

It does not mean that you no-longer love your partner. It simply means that your chemical reactions have gone back to normal and it is now up to you whether you want to choose to love your partner as love is a choice.

What Is Love To You?
It is important to spend time speaking with the client about what love is to them and in 99% of cases after digging deep the client will say that love is a magic feeling that comes after finding their soul mate. They expect the feeling to metamorphis because they meet a particular person and stay for as long as they are with this person. They feel deprived when this does not happen.

The problem is that we are all so brainwashed by movies and fairytales and posters about what love is that we set ourselves not to get what we expect as the fact is that the perfection we are expecting does not exist.

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What Causes That Loving Feeling?
After talking about that loving feeling we look at the fact that the first 'in love' feelings that we have for our partner are based on chemicals associated with lust and attraction. Lust is the first stage of love and it is based on the sex hormones testosterone and oestrogen. Attraction is the second stage of love and is based on the three neurotransmitters; adrenaline, dopamine and serotonin.

When you first fall in love this causes stress and increases the adrenalin and cortisol in your blood levels. This causes physical symptoms such as sweaty palms, breathlessness, a racing heart, giggling and a dry mouth.

The feelings caused by these chemicals are very powerful and many people become addicted to them as they feel so great. When the chemicals reduce, as they always do, they feel cheated and go in search of the feelings again. This means that the person is constantly searching for the feelings associated with the early stages of being love and never actually experiences the contentment that comes with the third stage of love which as attachment.

The Third Stage Of Love - Attachment
After we get through the early love stages of lust and attraction we finally reach the third stage which is attachment. During this stage we are supposed to build our life with another person and raise a family. The stage is supposed to stay strong for many decades and develops through the bonds created by shared experiences, trials and tribulations.

It is here that the love often breaks down.
People realise that their partner is far from perfect and if they chose their partner based on the initial chemical feelings the two people will have little in common.

You Have Three Choices Now. Choose To Love

When we realise that life with our partner is not going to be perfect we have three choices that we can make:

1. Leave the relationship and search for something that is perfect (or better);
2. Stay and be unhappy as we think there is something better and we are missing out; or
3. Acknowledge that relationships are hard work and choose to love our partner.

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My clients often don't realise that love is a choice. It is not a feeling in itself. The Dictionary says that the word 'love' is a verb. It is a doing word. It is something that we have to take action to get.

If we choose to love our partners we should start by forcing ourselves to focus on the good not the bad in them. Straight away this will change our perception of our partner as it will be positive not negative.

Next we should decide to take action to make our partner happy and on a daily basis we should undertake small acts of kindness such as making our partner a cup of tea, buying their favourite cake at the supermarket, giving a compliment - anything that will make them feel special. Your actions will cause your partner to feel loved and this will cause warm feelings for you which in turn will cause your partner to want to make you feel loved. Your thoughts and actions will be reciprocated.

Once you choose to love your partner you can. You simply take loving action. This is the reason why so many arranged marriages work well. The parties choose to marry and make a successful life and they do.

The only obstacle to loving someone is your own decision as to whether you want to love the person and the mistaken belief that you must find your soulmate. Soulmates are created by understanding and shared experiences over periods of time. You do not find them.

In the same way it is simply not possible to love your husband more on your wedding day than you do twenty years later, as twenty years of working together to build a life is going to create deep bonds and caring that simply could not have been present early on in a relationship. There are different types of love and what we are all seeking whether we know it or not is the deep connection that grows over time.

Choose to love.

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