Making Sweet Love To My Husband: How To Make Your Husband Happy In Bed

It can be very beneficial for your marriage if you know how to make your husband happy in bed. After the start of the marriage, things slowly start going down, and this is especially the case in the sexuality department. When the intimacy starts to die down, first the sex gets worse, and then the love starts to die, and the marriage takes great damage from this. However, there are many things you can do in order to make your man happy.

Since he is your husband, I am not going to teach you what he wants or doesn't want in bed - you should have an idea about this. However, women usually assume that keeping your husband happy in bed is something that can be only affected by what you do in the bed - not outside it. This is wrong. Learning how to make your husband happy in bed, to a great deal, has to do with the romance and love between you and him. If you get closer to him mentally and romantically, you'll find out that the sex will get much, much better. A good way of doing this is to try to rekindle the romance, like a kiss, or some alone time outside the house, just you together - like a movie and a dinner. Be physically close to him as well during those nights out - small things such as holding his hands (and mildly squeezing them at times!) and a seemingly innocent kiss can reignite the fire in your husband so quickly and powerfully that he might find it hard to wait until you get home.

Another way to make your husband happy in bed is keeping things fresh and diverse. When you get married, the process of sex can get boring since you have done the same thing hundreds of times. However, if you don't do "the same thing", then everything will be new and fresh, and this will do wonders in making your man happy.

Things such as showering together and trying different sexual positions can do wonders to "wake" your husband up again. Don't forget - your marriage has been founded upon the fact that you two are sexually attracted to each other. If the attraction and the fire dies down, it can bring the entire marriage down in no time. Take action now and you can prevent this from happening.

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Do you feel like your love life is slowly slipping through the cracks? Do you sometimes worry that you just aren't enough for your man anymore? Do you think that he is unsatisfied with you? If you feel this way, it's time to change not only for your man, but for yourself.

Sex is a very important and vital part of not only a relationship, but to a human being. Sexuality affects so many aspects of our lives and if you don't feel like you have control or a good grasp on your sexuality and the power that it possesses, then you are missing out on so much. You are not alone though. There are so many women in this world who do not know how to use their sexuality to their advantage. These women don't know how much power they have in bed and it's time to change that.

It's time to learn how to make your husband happy in bed by learning some super wild sex tips sure to put a smile on his face. Not only will these tips help you to please your man, but they will also help you to please yourself.

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First and foremost, you have to learn how to be comfortable being in control in the bedroom. When it comes to sex, women have all of the power. Women are able to dictate things and to control everything, so why not take advantage of this? Your man wants you to do this to him. He wants you to take control because it turns him on. When you turn him on, you make him very happy.

The easiest way to take control in the bedroom, is to make love to him in the cowgirl position. Straddling him and getting on top not only makes you feel like a powerful, sexual woman, but it turns him on to no end. Seeing you pleased by him inside of you and watching you ride him up and down, is something that gives him so much satisfaction it is indescribable.

Another wild way to make your man happy in bed is to get in touch with your naughty side. Trying new things in the bedroom such as roleplaying or using toys will definitely put a smile on his face. He wants to see you get a little naughty because he has a naughty side too. Exploring this kinkiness is very beneficial for you both.

It's time to change who you are and how you act in the bedroom and it's time that you used these wild sex tips to have your man grinning ear to ear.

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Fixing your marriage is easier when you are both open to it. Because if you will not take a conscious effort to fix it then it will not work out the way you wanted it to be. Marriage doesn't only involve one person but two. So, fix your marriage together. Before identifying the problems you should determine first that you are both working for it, because it can never be fixed when you are the only one working to fix it. Determining the problems needs the two of you, because each of you has an equal part or contribution to the problems in your marriage. When you both have identified the problems then you can formulate various ideas or ways to correct them.

Modesty may not be in your book but if you want to fix your marriage then you should humble down to acknowledge that you both made mistakes. When both of you accept that you made a mistake then finding the best solution to resolve the problems will be more effective. When you are both dedicated to work things out everything will become smoother. Answers will come to you swiftly. If you were too focused in your work previously that it caused delays to your romantic getaway or special events together, then change that. Plan ahead of time so there are no excuses for missing opportunities again in the future.

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Always find ways to give more time to your loved one. Don't make a lot of excuses because those are basically the reasons why problems occur during marriage. The feeling of importance are just the basic need of any spouse. Don't be married to your work, to your friends, to your children, to your sports, to your favorite pastime or to anyone and anything else except your spouse. You should make your spouse your priority before anything else. You made a promise together. You have the obligations to fulfil those promises. If you are a nagging king or queen then try to minimize your nagging. It is very common to girls to nag yet if you are doing it redundantly it would be quite a pain in the ears and in the heart.

You should also take responsibility for some of the changes. Start the change with you. Stop focusing on the flaws of your spouse rather focus more on the good things that he/she has done. Take effort to say thank you with all the loving and caring your spouse had shown. It is okay to pin point the flaws but don't overdo it. Don't let your spouse feel unimportant and unneeded because this will surely break his/her heart. Be more loving, caring and thoughtful. You should also not forget to make yourself look good. Go out for regular exercise and just always be beautiful try to make an effort to look good for your spouse. You can do it together. In this way, you will have more time to spend with each other and you will be both physically, mentally and emotionally relaxed. You can fix your marriage!

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If you're reading this article, then it's probably a good bet that something is wrong in your marriage, and you're afraid that it might be beyond saving. Know this: how to reconcile a marriage isn't just a catchy title for an article; it's a real possibility for those who want to follow through.

If you want to save your marriage, the first thing you need to do is stop focusing on what's wrong. It's so easy to get caught up in a mire of blame, guilt, shame, anger...and none of that is, ultimately, going to save your relationship. You can start to panic when faced with a laundry list of everything that's wrong with your marriage, and decide that there's no way it's salvageable.

Instead of picking apart your marriage - and your spouse - to find things to "repair", begin focusing on what's right with the marriage instead. Yes, you will eventually have to confront the problems and issues at the heart of the problem, but in the short term, focus on replacing negatives with positives. Build up the affection. Grow the empathy. When you do this, you begin to have the motivation to tackle the "hard" stuff. You find a reason to fix the marriage in the first place.

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Try this exercise: Think back to the beginning of your relationship. Think about how much emotional work you put into the bond you were creating. Look at how much time you spent together, and how much effort you exerted. Now, think about how wonderful the relationship made you feel. Remember how wanted and wonderful you felt?

That feeling of being so important to someone else, of being wanted and loved, is one of the most powerful feelings on earth.

Now, think back to your first fight. Chances are, it ended a lot more quickly than the fights you've had recently. You didn't want to spend time in that negative headspace - you wanted to get back to feeling in love.

Recapturing that feelings is crucial to saving your marriage. You need to remember what about your spouse caused you to love them in the first place, and you need to show those qualities of yourself that they first loved.

No one is expecting you to turn back time. Yes, you have family, children and work. However, if you're going to fix your marriage, you're going to have to make it a priority. Don't allow yourself to get stuck in the "busy" rut. You can fix your marriage and recapture the love that you once had. You're simply going to have to make the commitment to your spouse, and yourself.

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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