How To Get A Woman To Leave Your Husband Alone: Exactly How To Get Rid Of The Other Woman In Your Husband's Life For Good

Every woman who has a cheating husband has this mental fantasy of forcing her husband to ditch the other chick and beg her for a second chance. It could happen to you. There are things you can do that will have your husband dropping her in a heartbeat and working to worm his way back into your good graces. If you want to save your marriage despite your cheating husband, these are all good moves to incorporate into your efforts.

1. Stop trying to micromanage your marriage. Many men are looking for greener grass with the other woman. It's the benefits of marriage without the strings. Give him fewer strings to deal with and see how well your marriage flourishes. Make decisions as a couple and sit down and actually create a list of goals for your marriage and a plan for accomplishing those goals. The key here is that it's something you do together and he has an equal voice. It is his marriage too after all.

2. Go for the full body makeover - in your mind. Become the woman you want to be. Get the body you feel confident in. Be confident in who you are and he will have never found you sexier or more desirable. The more confidence you have in yourself and how you look the better able you will be to get his attention and keep it. He hasn't stopped being attracted to you. He still loves you and finds you beautiful. It's when you stop feeling attractive that real problems creep in.

3. Use what you know about your husband to your advantage. You know what turns your husband on. You also know what turns your husband off. It's time to do a lot more of the first and a lot less of the second. You want to keep him in a near constant state of being turned on. You want him thinking about you for hours during the day. You want him to be so busy thinking about you that he doesn't have room in his head to think about her.

4. Give him something to remember you by in the morning. There's nothing better than waking up the right way for a man or a woman. Send him off to work thinking about you in a way that will leave an impression throughout the day. More importantly, it will make her seem a poor substitute for the real thing he has waiting at home.

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Don't show any weakness and desperation - the biggest mistake of any woman who discovers about her husbands affair is to start begging him to leave her, panic and even try to get back at him by cheating! Let's think about it together - does it really make you more attractive for him? Does it show him he should come back to you instead of her? The answer is no! It'll only make him to spend more time with her to avoid headache you are causing him! The best thing you can do is to act like nothing is happening and you are completely OK with his affair!

Find out the reason he is cheating on you - when women are cheating it's because they are looking for excitement and sex. When man is cheating it's not because the other woman is younger and prettier, it's because she shows him a lot of love and appreciated. Maybe it doesn't seem that's way, but men want to be loved, hugged and appreciated just like women. Think about it!

Remind him how special you are - you husband loves you deep inside and he knows it! The only thing you have to do right now is to remind him about it! He fell in love with you because of your qualities - show him you still have them! It's not about your looks or your age! You can easily make your husband fall in love with you again because you know exactly how! There is no one on this planet who knows him better then you! Use it for your favor to fix the relationship and stop your husband affair!

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Many of us have tried to keep a relationship going because we have been in love or we have wanted to spend the rest of our lives with a person. However, there are actually many other reasons that you may want to try to save that floundering relationship that you may not have thought of. And with these reasons, you may be able to persuade your partner to help as well.

1) Health

Study after study has shown that people who are in relationships tend to live longer and be healthier than those that are not in a couple situation. It seems to be an innate biological creation that animals and humans are just physically stronger when they have bonded with another one of their species. In those babies that are not held or nurtured, their growth is stunted and they can even die prematurely.

2) Less chance of depression

Again, science has shown that relationships can help to create more positive responses to stress and sadness in our lives. When we are in relationships, we can talk about our problems with someone and trust that they will allow us to be honest. In this feeling of safety, we realize that we are not alone and that we can make it through rough patches.

3) Lowered anxiety

Much like avoiding depression, being in a relationship has been shown to lower the incidence of anxiety, panic attacks, stress, etc. This may be because of the idea that you can discuss your feelings with someone or you might feel as though you don't have to worry as much when someone else is there to love you.

4) Increased energy

Maybe it is because you tend to help each other out of tight situations, but those people in relationships tend to have more energy than those who do not. When you are in a relationship, you tend to watch out for each other and let the other know when they are too run-down and need to rest. You also influence each other's eating and exercise habits so that you are both feeling as good as the other.

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5) More vitality

Couples also report that those people in committed relationships are able to enjoy certain activities more than those that are single. Having someone to try new things with and experience new adventures allows you to both be more active and have more vitality in the things that you do. This may be because you both are counting on the other to help you when and if anything becomes difficult.

6) Intelligence

And being in a couple makes you smarter: studies have shown that relationships and marriages generally allow both partners to feel smarter and score better on intelligence tests. This could be because having a constant source of discussion and intellectual stimulation allows you both to learn to think more clearly.

7) Allows children to feel safe

While a marriage or relationship that is failing and can not be save should not be saved just because of children, the truth is that children with parents that work together through problems learn to do the same in their lives. Instead of thinking that they can just bail out of their problems in life, they learn to feel safe in their family because problems aren't the end of the world.

8) More financial security

Couples also tend to do better financially than those that are single, and that is not just because they are earning twice as much. Those in relationships are better able to plan financial goals and adjust their spending habits to accommodate such long term goals. Working together for a future allows for better spending choices.

9) Preventing problems is easier than solving them sometimes

A healthy relationship is much like a healthy tree. When you take the time to nurture it and allow it to grow, it can weather a number of storms. But when you neglect it, it can snap in half. By taking the time to communicate and make sure that smaller problems do not become bigger ones, you can sustain all kinds of storms.

10) More support

Needless to say, having someone who is always on your team is good enough a reason to keep your relationship healthy. When you have someone who is always rooting for you, life can just seem easier all around. A healthy relationship will provide you with all the support that you could ever need.

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In our civilized society, people get married and most of them have kids. Interaction of any kind might lead to some problems as well. In the marriage, this interaction plays a vital role in keeping your relationship either strong or weak. Mostly, both husband and wife consult their friends and family members to take advice on their issues.

In the recent past, a new term and profession 'Couple Counseling' has arisen. It advocates a couple how to solve problems in their relationship. You can even participate in such counseling before getting married just to make sure that you could deal with the difficulties in having a happily married life. Couple counseling is also essential for those who wants to have a divorce or who are divorced. It may help a lot in reducing the booming rate of divorce in all the parts of the world. For example, in USA, the divorce rate is 50%, in UK, its 11.9 divorcing people per 1,000 married couples, and in Canada, its 37%. This alarming rate demands some counseling and that's why couple counseling is important.

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Couple counselors around the world normally advise to remember why you fell in love with your spouse. What was the thing that attracted you about your spouse and you decided to make him/her your life partner. It forces them to think of the good points in their spouse and ultimately results in loving him/her again. Once they start loving one another again, they overlook bad points in one another and start to compromise on certain things.

If you want to have a couple counselor then look for those who have gone through what you are facing right now. Those who are not aware of your problems cannot advise you good. Seeking advice from parents would be a great option if they have a successful marriage. If both husband and wife have a proper understanding and they discuss everything to avoid hurting the feelings of one another then this practice and behavior would make their marriage stronger.

On the other hand, if both husband and wife share their feelings of joy and sorrow with each other they don't need a counselor ever because they are counseling each other automatically when they communicate well.

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