We all start perfectly successful. We all start complete. We acquire failure.
Real success is based on who we are within rather than anything we come by externally. The willingness to look at ourselves in a light of perfection, success, inclusion and completion provides a real opportunity to move forward in the true meaning of peace and happiness.
It begins by simply being prepared to acknowledge and accept the true self we have forgotten. In that self lives our truth and integrity, where all our interactions and experiences have a meaning of honest and non-fearful expression.
Every individual recognizes the secret language of truth.
Truth is the universal and silent language of integrity.
You don’t have to deny or limit your self. You can look at real alternatives. Now you are being presented with an opportunity to choose again.
Day to day life will constantly throw up challenges in so many spheres: love, work, health. So often and for so many of us, desperation can be a silent companion and the words ‘there must be another way’ echo in our hearts. Throughout this book we explore the fact that there is another way and guide you on your journey as you reconnect with the life you were born to live, the happiness you were born to enjoy and the success you were born to experience.
Repeat patterns and recurring themes of self-destruction abound in a world of avoidance, attachment to the past and investment in limitation where we see only the difficulties and persistently defend ourselves with the call of ‘it’s not my fault’.
However, my history does not have to become my future. My yesterday does not have to be my today or my tomorrow. And yet we all commonly fear to forgive ourselves and to take that little step to choose again.
Right now you can let go of your past, hold yourself in the present of what you are - which is perfectly fine regardless of previous experiences or current circumstances - and go forward in the knowledge that there is another way.
Believe in the perfection of what you are and can be.
It is this belief that will stimulate the awareness of your own success and happiness.
Our perception of the world colors all our interactions and how we function on a day-to-day basis. By remembering the perfection of who we are, we can acquire a newfound freedom, a passport to our inherent success and completion.
We are all born perfect, successful and complete but over time we learn the art of self-failure.
By examining how we see the world, how we think and how we act we start to unravel our cycle of failure, self-doubt and lack of self-belief.
Sometimes you can catch a hint of your natural state of perfection and success as a subtle but not unfamiliar feeling. This book aims to tap into that source and allow you to access and release the true meaning of who you are.
From that place of purity and integrity you find the strength and freedom to live the life you deserve.
The journey begins.

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Geoffrey Canavan creates unique success and solution-focused products, services and strategies for forward-thinking businesses and individuals

His one-to-one business counseling service provides decision makers and key personnel with a safe space to discuss, explore and create innovative and effective solutions