#We live in a new age of buying for our desires and wants. We as adults need to learn control and discipline because our children are watching. We have internet buying and infomercial buying do you participate? If so answer the question what are your needs? and gain self control and discipline yourself to know the difference of instant gratification and saving when you make a purchase.
Do you buy for your needs, wants and desires all at one time? Or are you saving your money to work your budget for the month? Remember, you have food, shelter and clothing payments. (Your clothing you can recycle). You can set aside money for transportation to use car, public transportation or car pool. Cable on your T V, arts and entertainment which are really in the want category ask any professional financial Advisor. A financial Advisor might not be a bad idea to consult with to stop and manage your money going into the future. Whereas, depending on where your problem areas are with money you might need the expertise. At a very young age I had a consultation with a financial Advisor because in doing research I wanted to know what their position could offer. Yes, I wanted to know about my money and know the options available in order to manage money. Never say you don’t have enough money to learn how to manage what you currently are working with get swifter and better. Also, you may need to talk to an account or CPA that is knowledgeable about their professions so you will learn more about your money. You may have to down size your living arrangements for right now to meet your income. This does not mean that you can’t obtain and achieve your dreams. All this might be saying is that instant gratification is on hold right now and I will re-set save up on money. As you move forward get a minimum car note to the amount of money you make because you will need insurance and gas. Also, think about owning your own cars go onto car traders find a car purchase to own it this will cut down your car expense. When you go grocery shopping you can go to Wal-Mart but remember an alternative to save more you can go to an ALDI groceries and then go to 99 cent store or Dollar tree store for household products. You may think what if I have children in the household you continue to live thrifty and in summer months eat light really this is healthy. Ex. spend a little time to make soups and sandwiches you can really be creative for your family research out menus on internet. There is a cook book title Easy Cooking with 5 ingredients by Barbara C. Jones she also shares with you how to cook with 3 & 4 ingredients.

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Bio: Articles By: Patricia Ross Kaplan College Paralegal ABA Certificate; Kent State Branch Stark County A.A. Kent State University B.A. Marketing Degree Plan; Canton Business College; Art Institute of Dallas Video & Broadcast Production
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