Stress is not your permanent companion. However hard the situation is its surely going to change. There is nothing new to have howling kids at home who are struggling with bad grades or the additional responsibility of debts stressing you out, not so easy-going boss at the office, consistent work pressure. Stress has become our daily friend, disguised in various forms casting vast range of impacts on our daily life, to have a stressful life not only hinder our daily activities, it keeps us miles away from focusing towards the happy life which in turn reduces our capability to lead happy and sufficient life.

there are Various disadvantages following the stress as according the top fashion designers in Mumbai be it the consistent decline in health or the feeling of grumpiness accompanying.

Hectic schedules, tough deadlines and daily errands coupled with the additional contribution towards the family hike our stress level. Some people recommend meditation to decrease the exceeding level of stress what is crucial to stay away from the consistent pressure, stop caring about the things which matter less and start to work in a direction which matters for your overall happiness.

Below are some of the steps charted out to help you step away from stressful conditions.

Stick to a routine

Make sure to stick to a strict schedule, being organized and structured helps you to set your body in specific motion. If a proper schedule is followed you are in a better capacity to utilize your day in a better capacity. Completion of work on time is one of the advantages you have when you stick to a schedule. Make sure that your schedule should have everything in right order right from indulging in the activities of entertainment to an hour reserved for your personal time. A well-maintained schedule prevents you from indulging in any sort of negative thoughts.

Wake up early

The very old adage that goes "early to bed and early to rise, makes a man, healthy wealthy and wise” are not just the poetry lines but are attached with great relevance. A well carved-out schedule is very beneficial in keeping you physically and mentally fit. The untimely mood swing of a day is greatly reduced, and you start to feel way more energized, even when you are on the bed for a very less time.

Maintain a to-do list

The most crucial habit is to stick to your to-do list of the day. Every task marked completed at the end of the day, will leave you with a happy face and a sense of satisfaction. Another important habit is to know more about yourself, things that make you happy and positive. Try to practice those things more often. This technique is very helpful in easing the stress level which will leave you rejuvenated and organized for the entire day.

Accept and face challenges

The moment you find yourself surrounded by the pessimistic feeling, dust yourself and move on. Pull yourself out of the gloomy situation as soon as you can. There are going to be times in your life where you would have landed yourself in troubles, focus on finding the solutions in-spite of cribbing. Take problems as the challenges, in this way your brain becomes more optimistic and tries to find solutions. What triggers the positive emotions is the rename of the term ‘problem’ to a ‘challenge’.

Look after yourself

You matter at the end, your well-being matters, make sure you are on the top of your list. Everything happening around you is going to impact your wellbeing, it is crucial you keep the stressed situation at bay and make sure to take proper care of yourself, we constantly ignore ourselves by either opting for the unhealthy diets or not going for a healthy exercise regime. This ignorance no doubt has to be paid by us in long run, our body is going to pay for all the stress sooner or later. It is crucial to avoid the glaring pressure and start to be on the top of your own list. You come first, and everything can be managed later.


You lost a match, you got into a very hard fight, you are under the constant pressure to perform, all these things have our daily life very complicated. What stands common in all these situations is stress. When under pressure go and hit the bed if that’s not possible take a power nap or some deep breaths. Don’t be continuously involved in the fight with yourself, try to protect your wellbeing in every possible way. Be selfish there is no harm in taking care of yourself.


Meditation is one of the most effective ways to ease the stressed brain, dump all the negative thoughts and stressful situation. Start to think positive, this is one of the most effective strategies to recycle thoughts which are disturbing in nature into more optimistic ones. Take a deep breath, distance yourself from the people that you find disturbing. Try to focus and empty your mind from all the shallow thoughts. Reserve sometime just for yourself. Free yourself from any sort of tension or stress.

“No yesterdays are ever wasted for those who give themselves to today.” This quote perfectly resonates the need as to why we need to take care of ourselves.
Keep a strict watch on any negative thoughts, be mindful this, in turn, will help you develop mindfulness muscle which will prevent any sort of negative thought.
There are no reminders other than the strict watch on all the negative thoughts.

The responsibility lies in your hands. Live the present moment with all the energy, stay positive this can dramatically help reduce stress, increase your happiness, and give you bursts of insight that will be a huge turnaround for your life.

Ever since you start to be aware of your own thoughts and staying in the now, your life is significantly going to improve, where a happy face would be your constant companion.
Here are a few down-to-earth tips on how to become more mindful:

1. Notice your tendencies.

Tendencies differ from person to person, the constant comparison of your capabilities with other is surely going to destruct your confidence. The unique tendencies we have is the most crucial thing, and which should be taken care. You are the fearless worrier who has solutions to every problem you are facing.

Don’t let any negative thought rob your inner peace, try to understand what makes you unique and stick to your versatilities. It's Better if you write down your capabilities. Don’t let the mindless comparisons ruin you for inner peace.

2. Focus on your breath.

Another most powerful tactic is to concentrate on your breath which helps in easing the troubled brain. Whenever you are trying hard to focus but couldn’t, try concentrating on your breath. Count the number of breaths you exhale or inhale this allows the brain to focus and help you get more relaxed and concentrated.

3. Question your thoughts.

Your thoughts are very powerful don’t let them drag you down, identify right thoughts and inculcate them in your thinking. Question your thoughts. Don’t get ditched down by the negative ones and prevent any sort of negative thoughts from causing the commotion. Don’t just walk the talk of the negative emotions you are wrapped with, come out of the mindlessness of thinking negative thoughts all day which is indirectly responsible for the frustrated. It takes discipline to be mindful and the ultimate rewards are the peace and happiness. Whenever a negative thought arises, step back and try to unroot the negative thoughts and alter it with the positive thought.

4. Be determined

Try to make every moment lively make sure you are living and not just mindlessly sailing through the life with no happiness or satisfaction from any end. Spent every moment completely engrossed in the present moment. Try to be very serious about mindful thinking, be determined to not let any thought enter your brain. The mindful thinking can be challenging but no doubt the only pathway to achieve peaceful thinking.

Final note

At the end. Follow your passion the more you follow the footsteps shown by your heart, livelier you will start to feel.

My heart buzzes with joy when I am doing what I love.
Inspiration flows effortlessly, dive into the music of life channel your energy into the direction which your heart is craving for. Don’t wait, hit the road, write something, sing a song, dance a little and wrap yourself with the all the positive energies.

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Rashmi Adwani based in Mumbai has been writing for various healthcare units. She has been writing various blogs for the past two years on various social platforms. Her articles are mostly about the woman’s health awareness. Her interest in forming a strong perception around topics which need awareness is responsible beyond many exceptional articles. Right now, she is working with CURRAE Hospital( to create awareness about the rising issues concerning health.