Teaching your child to skip the sweets and eat right.

You have to eat good foods if you expect your child to do the same.

As your children grow they’ll develop individual ideas. But remember they are still children. Don’t expect adult table manners from a preschooler. There’s nothing that fills-up a child’s stomach faster than “knots” from tension and criticism at the table.

Your example is the best teacher. Expect accidents to happen and avoid making a fuss when they do. Help children relax before mealtime. This is particularly important if you are a child care provider and have a number of “keyed-up” day care children.

Establish a pre-meal routine that involves “winding down,” such as washing hands, saying blessings before the meal (along with a few seconds of quiet time), or even having the children sit and talk with you a few minutes before mealtime.

Discourage eating for at least an hour before the meal is served. If the child absolutely has to eat something, serve a snack low in fat, such as veggies or fruit.

Play it cool when it comes to eating issues. Hovering over a child and fretting about not eating may reinforce the behavior. Look beyond the apparent issues. Has the child been getting enough attention in other areas? If not, they may be trying to make up for it when they have your attention—at mealtime.

If children leave food on their plates, it may be more your problem that theirs. Don’t serve large quantities; let them determine how much they want and ask for more. Children won’t starve themselves.
Also, a child’s appetite will vary from day to day and meal to meal. Encouraging a child to server herself small portions to fit her appetite may be the best approach.

You have to eat good foods if you expect your child to the same. Example is the best teacher. Remember, children grow into foods. What they like this year they may not like next year and vice versa.

Don’t stop eating foods you like because your child doesn’t like them. Instead, keep fixing these foods and one day your child will surprise you and join in your enjoyment of them.

This article is only a recommendation not a prescription. Always consult with your physician before starting any exercise program.

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