A few days ago, Lady Gaga and Prince William had a conversation about mental health. This was a time when the former spoke about her own challenges and the latter spoke about how important it is for people to open up, amongst other things.

A Mixed Response

And as these two people are well-known, it has meant that this video has received a lot of exposure. There are plenty of people who are pleased that two influential people have come together to talk about such an important topic.

On the other hand, there are people who didn’t respond to the video in the same way. But if they criticised the video, they may have ended up being criticised by the people who did warm to it.

The Same Position

If someone did appreciate the video, there is the chance that they have mental and emotional problems. But even though this is the case, it doesn’t mean that they feel comfortable talking about what is taking place within them.

Or, if they do open up to other people about what is going on for them, it might be something that they find difficult. Therefore, regardless of if they cover up what they are going through or open up about it, this video will have had positive effect on them.

It’s Ok

What this comes down to is that someone can feel ashamed of what is going on within them, and this is something that these two people touched upon in the video. So, through hearing these two people talk about mental health problems, it might have allowed them to realise that they don’t need to feel this way.

It is then as if these people have given them permission to accept what is going on for them, and to no longer see themselves as being defective. This shows how much of an effect people in these kinds of positions can have on others.

Out In the Open

It also shows how much of a difference someone can have on the world and that it doesn’t take an army of people to make a difference. If someone believes in themselves and takes action, there is no limit to what they can achieve.

And if someone appreciated the video but they don’t have mental and emotional problems, it could be a sign that they have had them in the past, or they might know people who have them. It is then going to be in their best interest to help the people in their life who struggle to cope.

A Different Experience

But even if someone wasn’t impressed with the video, it doesn’t mean that they are mentally and emotionally at peace. They could be used to suffering from depression and/or suicidal thoughts, for instance.

This could mean that they talk to people they know about what is going on for them, or they might prefer to keep it to themselves. And one thing that they might have thought about when they watched the video was that it is not enough to talk about mental health.

No Better Off

As far as they are concerned, this could be about as useful as talking about how hungry they are; this is not something that is going to change how they feel. There is also the chance that when they talk about how they feel, they end up feeling even worse.

Thus, what this person needs is way to change their life, as opposed to simply talking about what is taking place for them. Until this happens, talking to other people about how they feel is not going to do anything for them.

Another Issue

Along with this, someone might find it hard to relate to Lady Gaga even though she says that she has mental health issues. While it is clear that anyone can have mental and emotional problems, it is going to be a lot easier for someone to handle life if they have plenty of money.

Someone might believe that this is just another way for her to gain attention from people, and talking about mental health is certainly a way of doing this. Perhaps there is some truth to this, but who knows.

Another Outlook

It could also be said that through getting people to focus on their own mental health, it will distract them from what is taking place around them. So, instead of them looking into all the things in the world that are causing them to suffer, they see themselves as the problem.

What they are going through is then ‘normal’, and not the result of living in a society that is completely dysfunctional. Talking about mental health is then no different to giving people plenty of entertainment, alcohol, or sports, for instance; it not only keeps them busy, it also stops them from trying to change what needs to be changed in the world.

A Life Sentence

And after watching the video, someone could come to believe that they will always have mental and emotional problems. This due to the fact that lady gaga says that what she is going through is a part of her and that’s ok.

It is as though she has resigned herself to living in this way for the rest of her life. However, even though she has mental and emotional problems at this point in time, it doesn’t necessary mean that she can’t do anything about them.

The Masculine and the Feminine

Has Lady Gaga had any kind of therapy or healing? Does she live in a way that will stop her from making her mental and emotional health worse? These are questions that only she can answer.

The feminine approach is to simply talk about a problem; whereas the masculine approach is to look for a way to solve a problem. So if talking about mental and emotional problems is the first step, the second step is to find ways to solve them.


Thanks to the internet, someone can look online for information on how to experience life differently. And when it comes to the solutions that are available in the mainstream for dealing with mental and emotional problems, they are often way behind the kind of solutions that are available elsewhere.

Also, if someone doesn’t receive the kind of care that they need during the beginning of their life, it is going to be a lot harder for them to grow into a well adjusted adult. Ergo, if the people at the top really want to change the world, they need to make sure that children get what they need in order to develop in the right way.

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