According to the official Drupal website, Drupal is often used for enterprise-level projects. Drupal has a reputation as a trust-worthy open-source platform trusted at a government level.

For example, after the Canadian government has introduced its Open First philosophy it became even more clear that Drupal popularity will grow even more.
Also, Dries Buytaert, a founder of Drupal, has made an official visit to Ottawa to discuss the transformation of the Canadian government’s online presence with the CEO of OPIN Software Chris Smith.

In the previous article, we discussed whether it is a good idea to become a Drupal website developer in Canada (spoiler alert: it is), so we are set on this one – Drupal is a promising and popular framework in Canada.
Now, let’s review the…
Top 5 most popular websites using Drupal in Canada

Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto

OISE or Ontario Institute for Studies in Education of the University of Toronto is Canada's most reputable center for graduate studies in education and it chose to build its website in Drupal.
So why did they chose to be representing Drupal in Toronto?

As you can see on their website, they operate large amounts of content and Drupal is known for providing a fast page load and a rich modular structure and flexibility;
Targeted at popularizing education, the OISE website should be accessible from any device and Drupal does a great job when it comes to a responsive design;
Again, great amounts of content come with great responsibility – the OISE team need easy ways to add and edit the website content. And Drupal is great when it comes to editing the content.

Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Canadian museum for human rights has earned its well-deserved star on the Drupal websites' "hall of fame" due to a high-end functionality that it incorporates. It enables visually impaired users to adjust their experience on the site to their needs.

Drupal is known for being a highly-customizable content management system and has a module for every need possible, thanks to a loyal contributing community.

So if you are looking to develop a website to serve people with special needs – Drupal web development in Canada is a great choice.

Office of the Prime Minister

The Prime Minister of Canada office website was developed by OPIN and later recognized by the International Summit Creative Awards as the Best Government Web Design of 2014 and as a 2015 Partner site of the year website by Acquia.

The most important matter for an entity of this level is, of course, security. First of all, you are probably aware that governments, including Canada, are switching to open-source software due to the enhanced security such platforms provide. Back in the 2009 the White House chose Drupal as their platform and the CMS was becoming even better since then.
So these are probably the most well-known Canadian-based Drupal-built websites. This is certainly good data to look at when you are opening the Drupal web development company in Canada. Drupal popularity is growing every year and pretty much, the sky is the limit.More at

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Drupal is probably the most powerful content management system on the market today. For good reason, many of the world’s most important and highest traffic websites use Drupal to run their websites.