This is my story. A story of mistakes, a story of pain, a story of injustice. And finally, a story of compassion, relief, and justice. Where an orthopedic expert witness helped me to get my life and justice back. Hello, I am Sancho Allen football player, sorry was a football player. I live in Florida far away from parents. I wanted to become a football player. But we can’t always get what we want, can we?

In 2017 during playing a game, I fell on the ground. The pain was beyond description. But it was just the beginning of pain. Then I was taken to the hospital where an orthopedic surgeon named Dr. Sudesh. Without any observation and X-ray, he did an operation. I had plaster in my leg for eight weeks. After removing it I couldn’t walk properly. I went to him again but he refused to see me. I went to another surgeon who told me that I had a fracture in the neck of the fibula bone. In my case it was associated with the injury of common peroneal nerve as it winds around the neck of the fibula. Injury of the nerve result in my foot drop. Dew to foot drop, I caught my toe on the ground while I couldn’t walk let alone play football.

I had nothing left. All my dreams were shattered. But I wanted to make sure what happened to me, should never happen to someone else. I went to a lawyer discussed my case with him he said that we would need the help of an orthopedic expert witness. For these, who don’t know about an orthopedic expert witness, they help us in case of maltreatment. If something goes wrong after an orthopedic surgery procedure, patients often seek a second opinion and potentially legal guidance. If a patient seeks legal advice, the lawyer will typically consult an orthopedic expert witness when it comes to reviewing the medical records. Medical malpractice cases need testimonies of medical experts, especially in complicated cases.

I didn't know anyone in this field. My lawyer gave me the number of Dr.Scott Powell. He said that Dr.Powell is best in this field. Hearing this, I wonder if I was able to afford the best. I went to him. After hearing my case, he agreed to help me. He also reduced the fee for me. He studied my case and testified against Dr.Sudesh. With his testimonial, I was able to get justice. He also suggested about my foot. With his suggestion, after going through three more surgeries my foot is better now. I can move it hardly but can never play.

When I was lost, an orthopedic expert witness helped me to get justice. Those who are suffering because of these malpractices should consult this legal guardian. Orthopedic surgery expert witnesses are legally certified doctors to help us. Dr.Powell is my angel from the earth. I am very thankful to him. God bless him.

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