My Husband and I Have Grown Apart: Husband Won't Commit To Saving Your Marriage

Most married couples are blissfully unaware of which way their marriage is heading. They tend to look at marriage optimistically but it could so happen that things keep on brewing for a long time and the marriage is not all that hunky-dory as you thought. How to get closer to your spouse again? Lesson one, act now, or it might be too late.

In case you too are going through such a predicament, first of all do a thorough analysis of the past. How really is the marriage? Is everything right or are you both 'thinking' that since there nothing that is seemingly going wrong, it must be right? Or are there problems that you both decided to ignore thinking that they are minor or inconsequential?

Think of the early years of your marriage. Are you still as attentive to your spouse as you were then? If not, this is perhaps where the problem lies. Your spouse has perhaps lived through this kind of inattentiveness for some time and now this cannot be tolerated anymore and the bubble has burst. Constant feelings of neglect and apathy can easily lead your marriage towards divorce.

What do I really need to do to make my spouse love me again? Is it possible to build massive attraction in my spouse?

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Once you locate the precise problem, start acting on it without any further delay. If lack of attention is the core issue, address it most appropriately. This can instantly make a difference to the relationship - where he or she is happy once again and appears more relaxed and content.

Cooking favorite dishes, improving the home environment making it more conducive to romance, arranging special cozy dinners, and actions such as these can do wonders to a sagging marriage.

The next step is to admit your follies and inadequacies. Open up to your spouse and admit that you have realized your shortcomings and would make every effort to repair the damage your attitudes and actions have done to the marriage.

Giving due attention to your spouse can heal many hidden hurts. So start listening to your spouse and try to solve each others' problems by being empathetic. This way you would never face any more problems to get closer to your spouse again.

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Marriage is definitely not something that you want to run into blind, so there are certain things you should do and try out before you do get married to someone. No matter how right a certain person may seem for you, there are aspects you may not foresee, such as living together. Most people don't give it a second thought when they are in love, but it can be more complicated than you think. Cohabitation is a way to avoid divorce and can save your marriage before it even starts.

When a couple lives together before they get married, they get a feel for what each other's living habits are like before they make the huge commitment of being married to each other. Once two people are married, there is automatically that pressure to work things out no matter what. That isn't to say an unmarried couple shouldn't try to work things out, but once married a couple may feel "trapped" and that can greatly effect how they go about trying to work things out. When a couple is not married, they tend to treat things in a more laid back fashion which can be good and bad.

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Cohabitation is a way to avoid divorce because it will give you a great idea about who you are going to married to a committed to for hopefully a long time. The statistics on divorced couple today are staggering and many of those statistics are due to the fact that the couple didn't truly get to know each other before they jumped into marriage. Marriage is more than just a ceremony and a ring on each person's finger, it is a heavy commitment made between two people who should be completely aware of the other person inside and out. If you are not completely aware of that person's habits and who they really are then you may be surprised somewhere down the road and eventually even get divorced which is what you want to avoid at all costs.

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When a washing machine starts making a racket you, like most people, call an appliance repairman. When the washer repairman comes over he will do a quick diagnostic and charge a small fee. He tells you what's wrong with your washing machine, what it will take to fix it, and how much he is going to charge you. Usually he will also tell you how long his work is guaranteed. When he is finished working, your expectation is your washing machine will work just fine. If it doesn't you will be rightfully upset and give the repairman another chance to fix it. If at the end of the day he doesn't fix it you will want your money back. You'll not only want your money back for the work he claimed he did but you will want your money back for the diagnosis. His diagnosis was obviously inaccurate and not worth a dime.

The reason everything in the above paragraph is fair and reasonable is washing machines are mechanical devices comprised of parts that function in harmony to create a desired result. If a belt or other part is broken you just replace it and the machine functions again. The number of things that can go wrong with a washing machine may be extensive, but they are not infinite. Whatever is wrong can be fixed. Although the cost of repair may not warrant the effort, the bottom line is a washing machine can always be repaired, even one part at a time.

The Professionals' Arguments For Excuses

Anyone can tell you with great authority a marriage is not a washing machine. It does not take a genius to make such an obvious statement. But understanding marriage is not like trying to find the keys to universal questions either. With what we already know about cause and effect in human interaction, the so-called problems found in marriage should be easily identifiable, this way any married couple can stop making more trouble for themselves. They can also learn the principles needed to make their marriage splendidly happy. It is by making marriage seem complex that marriage counselors are able to come up with a myriad of excuses for their failures with couples seeking help. Don't buy their excuses; excuses are a form of lies.

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Nearly every couple I met with had already gone to marriage counseling and was told their marriage couldn't be saved. Some couples were told they were incompatible. They were told they did not have what it took for their marriage to work. They were good people who were effectively told they were not good enough to have the marriage they wanted, so most of them thought they were either crazy or losers. They and you are neither crazy nor a loser. 98% of the people getting divorced today shouldn't. Marriage is not as difficult as the psychobabblers would have you believe... Is it not just a bit ironic that marriage counselors have the same rate of divorce as pretty much everyone else? Don't waste your time, money, or throw away your marriage by going to people who think they are experts but have no clue about how to keep a marriage together.

Here Are Five Things You Should Do

1) Read Lessons For A Happy Marriage so you understand the principles that guide a happy married life.

2) Stop beating each other and yourself up (not literally I hope) because you're having trouble.

3) Don't notice each other's flaws anymore - they are none of your business.

4) Treat your spouse as the most important person in the world.

5) Don't give up!

Although there are some very tough situations that make a happy marriage difficult, chances are your situation is not among them. My experience is that the divorce rate should be in the 2 to 4% range. The chances of you having a successful and super happy marriage are extremely high. So even before you get Lessons For A Happy Marriage tell your spouse, "I love you."

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An excessive interest in sport and happy companionship rarely mix. Take note!
~Janvrin & Selleck, The Two of Us.

One thing worse than game day for some people is the commencement of a whole new season. Many 'widows' are made at the beckoning of husbands to the television set.

But, just as bad is an excessive interest in soap opera and teledrama.

There are so many veritable barriers to basic companionship; it's always been this way, despite the apparent glow of technology and love of sport and all things of amusement, these days.


We can all look at our lives and learn something from the couple that maxes out on spending time together.

Sure, some partners have a great need for quality time - the love language - but not everyone does. For the couple where neither one pines for times of friendship there's little problem.

They won't be reading much further (if they've reached this point!).

More often than we'd realise, however, there is one in the partnership who desires greatly the companionship that marriage once promised.

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Day after listless day their dreams of getting enough 'couple time' reach the same end. The dream begins to wither and anything from hopeless acceptance to narky resentment comes over the afflicted partner, as the need continues to go unmet.

Their desire and need is remarkably simple. A surprisingly high number of partners do not get it though. The challenge is how to communicate the need in a language they'll understand.


In my article, Love Begins Again - Via Acts of Intimacy, I mention the importance of intimacy - the fact that it's more important than passion in a relationship like marriage.

Joining the concept of companionship with intimacy seems right, for intimacy is a sense of shared love; a bond of trust and respect. At its apex there's no conflict - or it's worked at, and worked out, together.

Two are truly one in the intimacy of companionship, and whilst this is true from a physical sense with passion - of bodies wrapped together in the act of sex, perhaps - it's ever deeper in meaning - mentally, emotionally and spiritually - in intimacy.

Intimacy is superior.

For those missing this in their relationships it's either a lack of conversion or observance; partners either not understanding the need or simply they've forgotten.

Time to plan a date?

Saying or doing the wrong thing can actually cause your spouse to feel even more distant from you. You can make your spouse fall back in love with you, all over again.

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