My Husband Doesn't Support Me Emotionally: How To Get My Husband To Love Me The Way I Need Him To

If your relationship with your husband has become strained, you may be worried that it may head towards divorce eventually. You do not want that to happen and you wonder, 'Can I get my husband to love me again?' Even if both you and your husband are willing to work on this, you may be hampered by irreconcilable conflicts and other irritants. So you have to think of using external help. Marital therapy is one facility that you can make use of. If you are skeptical of this, the following details on how the therapy works will convince you that marital therapy is a very effective way to get your husband to fall in love with you again.

It makes you open up: The root cause of many problems lies in suppressed feelings. Sometimes, we keep our feelings to ourselves lest our lover will get hurt if we express them. Unfortunately, this well intentioned restraint turns out to be an impediment for a healthy relationship. Marital therapy makes you open up your suppressed feelings. When you pour out your minds, you feel much better and relaxed. You will become more receptive as well. The other person who hears you speak out will understand you much better though initially he may feel hurt. The therapist is there to put things in perspective and facilitate better understanding. When both of you are honest about your feelings, you will have a better understanding.

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It promotes better understanding: In addition to making you open up, the therapist will also use other means to facilitate better understanding between the two of you. He will get your perspectives on the issues and encourage you to discuss them in detail. By his intelligent moderation and interpretation, he will make you understand the issues better and help you find solutions. As the session progresses, you will find that you are becoming increasingly closer with your differences getting narrowed down.

It facilitates an independent review: When you have differences, each of you will stick to your own stands. Both of you will be convinced that you are right and reasonable but the other person is not. You need a third person's opinion to see things in brighter light and in more dimensions. The marital therapist is the best person to provide this. Apart from being a third person, he is also an expert having a good experience in dealing with many couples with similar problems. You are not going to lose anything by opting for a marital therapy session. You will be a happier couple with better understanding and a broader perspective, after going through a marital therapy.

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What I Have Learned In My 3 Years Of Marriage

1. "Never go to bed angry"... Impossible! Never is a pretty strong word. What I do know is at some point you WILL go to bed angry. The key is to not let it linger. Communication is important and you may need to resort to #3.

2. Household renovations DO NOT bring you closer together. I'm convinced half of the divorces today started because the couple tried to paint a room together. Outsourcing could save your marriage.

3. There are winners and losers. Sometimes it is better to let the other person win. While compromise should be at the corner stone of your marriage there is also something to be said for moving on to happier days.

4. It is nice to move away from "mine" and "yours" to "ours". As I look around our house more and more of the furnishings are "ours". It took a lot of compromise to get to this point but it is wonderful to have a room filled with furnishings we both like. Not just a room filled with military memorabilia or numerous pictures of flowers.

5. Couples who have been married for years give the best advice. And they still have disagreements just like newlyweds. It's nice to hear their stories and realize they too still work on their marriage every day. They let me in on a little secret which I will share with you; no marriage is without some disagreements and frustrations but in the end they would rather be together than apart and there are a lot more good times than bad.

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6. Marriage is hard. When I was single I only had to take myself into consideration when making decisions. Now there is compromise, late night discussions, checking in, giving in, and hearing the same story for the 100th time. But I can say this, it is definitely worth it! In return you get someone who cares about you, someone to share memories with, someone to hold your hand through the hard times, and someone who is happy to see you come home (almost as much as the dog).

7. Living together is different from being married. There was a lot of "mine" and "yours" when we lived together. And it was as simple as moving out. After we were married I felt closer to him. I don't know if it was us officially saying we are in this for life or what but there was definitely a change.

8. It's o.k. to go to dinner with friends without him/her. Do not get rid of your friends! You still need some time away from your significant other... so you can miss them. Yes, let's go with, "so you can miss them". Anyone married longer than a year can appreciate this.

9. Your spouse will not stay the person you married. This is also true for you. It is inevitable, as you are starting a life together and learning to be with someone day in and day out. The way I see it is you have to grow as a couple not as individuals when it comes to the marriage.

10. It's nice to always have a date. Notice I didn't say willing date. He does not find the same joy of going to a musical or play as I do. But he will go because he knows it is important to me. In addition he knows there will be a time when I have to return the favor.

Will what I have learned still stand to be true after 20 years married? I don't know but I look forward to finding out.

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If you want some relationship advice for women that talks about how to get more love from your man even if you feel like giving up sometimes, this article is for you. The heading is someone exaggerated; anyone who feels like dropping all their responsibilities is probably a little bit stressed out. You don't have to let go of everything if you feel stressed. Simply change your attitude and you can still get everything done without losing the love and respect of your man. Here's how to get more love from your man by being irresponsible.

1. Easy Going

This is the key to making sure that your man still loves and respects you, even if you feel like dropping all your responsibilities. If you're easy going, you'll be able to help him out by calming him down.

See the problem with some relationships is that both the husband and wife are stressed out. Who looks out for who? If the woman relaxes and becomes more easy going, she's actually doing them both a favour.

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2. Delegate

This is a key to successful management in big corporations, but there is no reason that you can use it as well in your marriage! There is sometimes a lot to do, so much that you feel like dropping it all sometimes.

By being creative and delegating some of the more menial activities, going to the extent of hiring a maid will help you and your man loosen up for once. Is a night out with just you and your man worth a maid's hourly rate?

3. Rest And Recovery

Dropping all your responsibilities once in a while is actually very therapeutic. If you didn't forget about all your issues when you were feeling down, it would overwhelm you.

By stopping and smelling the roses, you're looking out for your marriage. You're making sure that you and your man get some time to recover. It's not irresponsible to be irresponsible, if you know what I mean. As long as something good that benefits your relationship comes out of it, like helping your man stop and recover from his stress.

If you follow this relationship advice for women, you can expect your man to give you a lot more love and respect. He may think that you're losing the plot initially for being irresponsible but if you keep him in mind, I can guarantee you that he will eventually love and appreciate you for keeping an eye on him and on the marriage.

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You probably remember how excited you were the first time you saw that adorable little face. Wrapped in a pretty pink or blue blanket, and sleeping soundly, you just knew that your life would never be the same. You smiled up at your spouse and you shared a wonderful moment together that you will never forget.

However, as time went on, and as that child grew, you started to realize exactly how much different your life was going to be. Perhaps you had a few more children together, and now you've found yourself in a spot where your kids seem to always find a way to command your attention. Perhaps it's even to the point where you don't have much energy left for your relationship with your spouse at the end of the day.

This is a common problem in marriage. Many couples spend all of their energy on raising their kids, to the point where when the kids are gone, they find that they no longer even know each other. So, what do you do when your kids demand so much of your attention? How do you reconnect with each other after a long day filled with sports practices, piano lessons and dinners on the go?

Remember - You're On the Same Team
Every couple should have this discussion, and they should have it more than once. You are working together in a partnership to raise your family. Avoid thinking that you're doing it on your own while your spouse is working, or that you take care of the kids all the time while your spouse tends to his or her own needs. Instead, be in your relationship for each other. Work together, and understand the importance of giving each other a break now and then to regroup. You need to be able to rely on each other to make your family work, and as long as you remember you're working together, your team will remain strong.

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Find a Sitter
Even when finances are tight, it is still important for you to go out on dates with your spouse every once in a while. Perhaps you can't go to a fancy restaurant. Why not pack a picnic and go to the park? Find a babysitter who will work cheap, or better yet, trade babysitting with another family who can use the time away from the kids as much as you can.

Give Your Spouse the Benefit of the Doubt
Resentment can creep into a marriage quickly, especially when one person is quick to judge or criticize the parenting techniques of the other. Ladies, if your husband is constantly putting diapers on backwards, don't give him a lot of grief over it. Men, if your wife doesn't always get your kids to soccer practice on time, remember how many demands she has during the course of her day. Remember, you are both trying to do the best you can for your family, so give each other the benefit of the doubt and cut each other a little slack.

Above all, take a moment each day to look into each other's eyes and appreciate each other. Hug each other, kiss each other. Even if you don't feel like it. Tell your spouse that you love them. Those moments are so precious, and even if you are having difficulty today, your family life is filled with blessings because of the lives you created together and the love you have for each other. Enjoy each and every one of those moments, and enjoy each other along the way.

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